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  1. In Finland, the euro is the official currency, and Swedish is an official language alongside Finnish. The same spelling as in Sweden is used (officially Swedish in Finland is spelt as in Sweden). The pronunciation, however, is [ˈěuro], which has some similarities to Finnish pronunciation.

  2. Eurolinguistics is a neologistic term for the study of the languages of Europe. The term Eurolinguistics was first used by Norbert Reiter in 1991. Apart from a series of works dealing with only a part of the European languages, the work of Harald Haarmann pursues a "pan- or trans-European perspective". This goal is also pursued by Mario Wandruszka. Typological questions have mainly been dealt with by the Eurolinguistischer Arbeitskreis Mannheim and the EUROTYP projects. Important sources of ling

  3. The number of women studying linguistics has grown considerably in the recent past, and there are more women than ever before in every sector of the field. A rich and growing body of linguistic research explores issues of language and gender. Ethnic Diversity. The value of ethnic diversity to linguistic studies is central to the field.

    • The Study of Language Structure
    • Language Use: Studies of Meaning
    • Language Use: The Social Side of Language
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    At the beginning of the 20th century, attention shifted to the fact that not only language change, but language structure as well, is systematic and governed by regular rules and principles. The attention of the world's linguists turned more and more to the study of grammar—in the technical sense of the term the organization of the sound system of ...

    There is also a long tradition in the study of what it means to say that a word or sentence 'means' a particular thing and how these meanings are conveyed when we communicate with each other. Two popular ideas about what meanings are go back to the ancient Greeks: One is that meanings are mental representations of some sort; another is that the mea...

    In the past 50 years, there has been increasing attention to the social side of language as well as the mental. The subfield of sociolinguistics has come of age in part as a consequence of post World War II social movements. The national liberation movements active in third world countries after the war posed the question of what would be their off...

    Harris, Randy A. 1993. The linguistics wars.Oxford: Oxford University Press. Lepschy, Giulio C. 1972. A survey of structural linguistics. London: Faber and Faber. Newmeyer, Frederick J. 1986. The politics of linguistics.Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Robins, R. H. 1979. A short history of linguistics.London: Longman. 2nd edn.

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  5. language(s) as a co-official or official state language or/and by ratifying the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages (ECRML) for the respective language(s). Institutional support and language planning are namely the key components of support that a nation-state can provide. Recommendations

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