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  1. Lisa Maffia Lyrics

    Lisa Maffia lyrics - 15 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Don't Stop The Music", "In Love", "Swiss Intro".

  2. Lisa Maffia - All Over Lyrics |

    Maffia with some low down soldier lyrics You got one in it when So solid is turning believe it All those dreams OK I can give you a minute Take that La Senza off of your whole spirit [Chorus x2] Yes, It's all over Lisa Maffia JD Dready productions Right under your nastiness

  3. Lisa Maffia – All Over Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

    [Chorus - Lisa Maffia (JD)] All the thugs in the clubs get your cris on ice (ice) Ladies in the club shake your body like dice (dice) My kind of jam so we're doin it right


    Lisa Maffia song lyrics collection. Browse 9 lyrics and 24 Lisa Maffia albums.

  5. Lisa Maffia – In Love Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

    In Love Lyrics: Ohhhhhhh / I can't hide hide no more, the way i feel about you / It's been going on too long / Gonna play my cards apon the table / Can't hold back this Love for so long, I can't

  6. Lisa Maffia Lyrics, Songs, and Albums | Genius

    Lisa Maffia is an English singer-songwriter, model, musician and presenter, who is the main female member of So Solid Crew. With So Solid, she singer notched up 5 top 20 hits, including a platinum ...

  7. Lisa Maffia - Life Lyrics |

    Lisa Maffia "Life": Yo Lisa show ‘em a bit about your life Face Lisa I never know he would treat ya so cold faced I had...

  8. Lisa Maffia - Swiss Intro Lyrics |

    Lisa I think of how we’re back from the industry we need to release her so solids on it its guaranteed to please ya if she’s told ya go the platinum please believe her but be open minded please receive her girls and boys children chicks and geezers turn ya speakers up it ain’t hard to feel us forget the features this movements Lisa’s ...


    Lisa Maffia (huh) Remember I told you, I'm a soldier (ha) Drop this in the club and it's all over It's all over It's all over Lisa say its all over Me done tell ya bout how a skyla, skyla Don't watch dem gals dem a filler, filler Look like some old school thriller, thriller Why is there no champagne in the chiller My flows you don't know them ...

  10. Lisa Maffia – Women Of The World Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

    Women Of The World Lyrics: I've seen alotta women from all around the world / Different situations all different kinds of girls / No matter who you are and no matter were you live / Keep your head ...

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