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    What are the top 5 agricultural products in the US?

    What are some examples of agricultural products?

    What are the different types of agricultural products?

    What are the biggest agricultural companies?

  2. Items on this top list of agricultural products in the US fall into these categories, including: Livestock (cattle, poultry, hogs, etc.) Crops (corn, soybeans, hay, etc.) Edible forestry products (almonds, walnuts, etc.) Dairy (milk products) Fish farming Miscellaneous ag products (i.e., honey)

  3. Agricultural products This entry provides a list of a country's most important agricultural products, listed by annual tonnage. Afghanistan wheat, milk, grapes, vegetables, potatoes, watermelons, melons, rice, onions, apples Albania milk, maize, tomatoes, potatoes, watermelons, wheat, grapes, cucumbers, onions, apples Algeria

  4. List of Agricultural Products. From Marspedia. Jump to: ... This article is a Bootstrap List. Its intent is to be a list of needed articles on a specific topic.

  5. Nov 14, 2019 · The most produced agricultural commodities in the country are highlighted below. Corn The United States is the world's largest producer of corn. In 2018, the nation had 89.1 million acres of land under corn, 81.7 million acres of which were harvested, while the rest was converted to silage.

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