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  1. beliefs and perspectives ahead of any other Christian denominations. I do not wish to debate our doctrines and perspectives; I always try to be careful not to quarrel about tenants of the various Christian denominations [Romans 14:1; 2 Timothy 2:14, 23-24; James 4:1-2]. My personal desire is to show how the beliefs

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    List of Contributors 11 Preface 13 1. What Is Dispensationalism? A Proposal 15 Glenn R. Kreider 2. Evangelicalism, Dispensationalism, and the Bible 47 D. Jeffrey Bingham 3. The History of Dispensationalism in Seven Eras 69 Michael J. Svigel 4. The Hermeneutic of Dispensationalism 101 Nathan D. Holsteen 5. God’s Plan for History Prior to ...

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    Catholicism - 1.2 billion

    1. Catholic Church - 1,166 million 1.1. Latin Church - 1,149 million 1.1.1. Catholic Charismatic Renewal- 160 million 1.1.2. Personal Ordinariate for former Anglicans- 0.005 million 1.2. Eastern Catholic Churches - 17 million 1.2.1. Alexandrian Rite Ethiopian Catholic Church- 0.2 million Coptic Catholic Church- 0.2 million 1.2.2. Antiochene Rite Maronite Catholic Church- 3.1 million Syro-Malankara Catholic Church- 0.4 million Syriac Catholic Church...

    Protestantism - 800 million

    Estimates of the total number of Protestants are very uncertain, partly because of the difficulty in determining which denominations should be placed in the category. It seems however clear that Protestantism is the second largest major group of Christians after Catholicism by number of followers. Often that number is put at 800 million. Some sources, which put the number at 800 million, include also Anglicanism (see below) within Protestantism. However, Protestantdenominations in the world d...

    Eastern Orthodoxy - 225–300 million

    The most common estimates of the number of Orthodox Christians worldwide are approximately 225–300 million, forming a single communion, making it the second largest, single Christian denomination behind the Catholic Church. These are the adherents of the recognized Orthodox jurisdictions (autocephalous and autonomous churches) that are in full communionwith each other. In addition, there are some Orthodox splinter groups and non-universally recognized churches. 1. Autocephalous churches - 240...

  3. Christian scholars and translators after the Renaissance and Reformation periods replaced the sacred name YHWH with GOD and LORD (all in capital letters in the Bible); which was a strategic move of Satan for not using the Name. The Sacred Name occurs 6,828 times in the Hebrew text of the Bible, proving YHWH wants us to use it.

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  5. Mar 10, 2016 · But while its true the Christian Gentile’s beliefs had a common “heritage” with the early Christian Hebrew beliefs, their actual, physical heritage had nothing in common with that of the Hebrews. This is the real key to fully understanding where things began to go so wrong.

  6. Nov 23, 2012 · “Even if I grant you that the differences in beliefs of christian denominations are minimal. (Even the 40 you provided seems like a fairly large number for an omnipotent god to allow.) I wouldn’t say they are minimal – I said they were not nearly as large as often claimed, but I said I think divisiveness is scandalous.

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