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  1. The area of some lakes can vary considerably over time, either seasonally or from year to year. This is especially true of salt lakes in arid climates. This list excludes seasonal lakes such as Lake Eyre (maximum area 9,500 km 2, 3,700 sq mi), Mar Chiquita Lake (Córdoba) (maximum area 6,000 km 2, 2,300 sq mi), Lake Torrens (maximum area 5,745 ...

  2. This is a list of the largest deserts in the world by area. It includes all deserts above 50,000 km 2 (19,300 sq mi). Some of Earth 's biggest non-polar deserts

  3. The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) Country ranking and comparison by TFR: 1970 and 2013 list is sourced and based on the data of the 2014 World Population Data Sheet published online. Forecast/prediction ranking lists: The UN ranking list is sourced from the United Nations World Population Prospects. Figures are from the 2015 revision of the ...

  4. Name Description Alfheim: The Land of elves in Norse mythology. Asgard: The high placed city of the gods, built by Odin, chief god of the Norse pantheon. Biarmaland: A geographical area around the White Sea in the northern part of (European) Russia, referred to in Norse sagas. Fositesland: The kingdom of Forseti, the god of Justice. Gjöll

  5. She is capable of flight; using an extremely lethal, mystically enforced metal-slicing, multiple "razor-feather" discharge; communicating with birds or commanding large throngs to perform complex tasks across continents, such as information-gathering, retrievals, or abductions; using surikomi/imprinting eggs to ambush, brainwash, and enslave ...

  6. MacGyver the Lizard – Videos of a large, dog-like lizard, who comes when his name is called. [75] Michelle Jenneke – "Michelle Jenneke dancing sexy as hell at junior world championships in Barcelona 2012" is a video of a 19-year-old hurdler Michelle Jenneke during her pre-race warm-up at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona.

  7. List of political and geographic subdivisions by total area, comparing continents, countries, and first-level administrative country subdivisions. List of political and geographic subdivisions by total area (all) List of FIPS region codes in FIPS 10-4, withdrawn from the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) in 2008

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