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  1. Continent Population (2018) % of world ±% p.a. 2010–2010 World: 7.6 billion: Global, continental, and subregional totals from 1950 to 2018

  2. This is a list of countries and dependencies by population. It includes sovereign states, inhabited dependent territories and, in some cases, constituent countries of sovereign states, with inclusion within the list being primarily based on the ISO standard ISO 3166-1. For instance, the United Kingdom is considered as a single entity, while the ...

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    The seven-continent model is usually taught in most English-speaking countries including the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, and also in China, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and parts of Western Europe. The six-continent combined-Eurasia model is mostly used in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Japan.

  5. The states and territories included in the United States Census Bureau 's statistics for the United States (population, ethnicity, religion, and most other categories) include the 50 states and the District of Columbia ( Washington, D.C. ). Separate statistics are maintained for the five permanently inhabited but unincorporated territories of ...

    State Or Territory
    Census Population(april 1, 2020)
  6. The second list shows the World Bank's estimates, and the third list includes mostly 1432 estimates from the CIA World Factbook. In these lists, the sovereign states and dependent territories are classified according to the geoscheme created by the United Nations Statistics Division.

  7. The following table lists the 326 incorporated places in the United States (excluding the U.S. territories) with a population of at least 100,000 on April 1, 2020, as enumerated by the United States Census Bureau. Five states— Delaware, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming —have no cities with populations of 100,000 or more.

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