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  1. Six consolidated city-borough governments exist— Juneau City and Borough, Skagway Municipality, Sitka City and Borough, Yakutat City and Borough, Wrangell City and Borough, as well as the state's largest city, Anchorage. Though its legal name is the Municipality of Anchorage, it is considered a consolidated city-borough under state law.

  2. The U.S. state of Alaska is not divided into counties, like the other 48 states (Louisiana has parishes), but instead is divided into boroughs.Many of the more densely populated parts of the state are in Alaska's eighteen organized boroughs, which are somewhat similar to counties in other states.

  3. Alaska Counties, Counties in Alaska. There are 29 Counties in the State of Alaska. Juneau, the state Capital is located in Juneau City and Borough.

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  5. Aug 16, 2022 · The Bristol Bay Borough is governed by the Borough Seat of Naknek. The locations of the borough seats of the State of Alaska are clearly indicated on the Alaska State Map. The Alaska Borough map shows the locations of Alaska’s 11 census zones and 18 Boroughs. Each Borough is administered by a separate Borough seat, while the census area’s ...

  6. List of All Counties in AlaskaMap KeyNamePopulationAleutians East Borough3,420Aleutians West Census Area5,232Bethel Census Area18,666Bristol Bay Borough844City and Borough of Juneau32,255City and Borough of Sitka8,458City and Borough of Wrangell2,127City and Borough of Yakutat662Denali Borough1,619Dillingham Census Area4,857Fairbanks North Star ...

  7. Alaska is the largest state in the United States in terms of land area at 570,380 square miles (1,477,300 km 2), over twice (roughly 2.47 times) as large as Texas, the next largest state, and is the seventh largest country subdivision in the world, and the third largest in North America, about 20.4% smaller than Denmark's autonomous country of ...

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