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  1. This is a list of the world's countries and their dependent territories by land, water and total area, ranked by total area.. Entries in this list include, but are not limited to, those in the ISO 3166-1 standard, which includes sovereign states and dependent territories.

  2. The countries of Europe can be ordered by their geographical area. As a continent, Europe's total geographical area is about 10.18 million square kilometres. Transcontinental countries are ranked according to the size of their European part only. The 14 countries marked with an asterisk (*) are transcontinental. Only sovereign states are ...

  3. Data marked The World Factbook or TWF covers 198 countries and 55 territories, from the book published by the Central Intelligence Agency. In addition to coastline lengths, this is the source of the land area used to calculate the "coast/area ratio" for both TWF and WRI (see below) coastline measurement.

  4. Aug 12, 2020 · Government spending on education is one of the main factors involved in the nearly 100% literacy rates of countries like Finland. A literacy rate that hovers around 100% is seen in quite a few other countries of the world, including Azerbaijan and Cuba. Andorra is one such country with virtually 100% of its populace being literate.

  5. This is a list of countries and territories by home ownership rate, which is the ratio of owner-occupied units to total residential units in a specified area. [1] Country or Territory

  6. Note: French Guiana is a French overseas department in northeastern South America, on the Atlantic Ocean. The area borders Suriname to the west and Brazil to the south and east, and also includes the Îles du Salut archipelago with Île du Diable, Île Royale and Île Saint-Joseph, all close to the country’s coast.

  7. This is a list and map of European states by GDP per capita. The figures presented do not take into account differences in the cost of living in different countries, and the results vary greatly from one year to another based on fluctuations in the exchange rates of the country's currency .

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