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  1. 5 days ago · The Indian subcontinent, or simply the subcontinent, is a physiographical region in South Asia. It is situated on the Indian Plate and projecting southwards into the Indian Ocean from the Himalayas. It generally includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, the British Indian Ocean Territory, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The terms Indian subcontinent and South Asia are sometimes used interchangeably to denote the region, although the geopolitical term of South Asia generally also includes Afg

  2. Nov 22, 2021 · Tulln (Austria) OUR DATABASE INLUDES CURRENTLY: 196 countries from 6 continents. 10617 cities, villages and municipalities. 3922 mountains. 613 caves. TODAY'S MOST POPULAR CITIES (22 November 2021): Mailuu-Suu, Akhalkalaki, Adelaide, Nadi, Agadir, Rakiraki, Riyadh, Kingston, Hyderabad, Iloilo City.

  3. Nov 20, 2021 · List of countries by percentage of population living in poverty. World map of poverty headcount ...

    • Algeria
    • Kazakhstan
    • Argentina
    • India
    • Australia
    • Brazil
    • United States
    • China
    • Canada
    • Russia
    Capital: Algiers
    Surface:2,381,741 km²
    Land Size:2,381,740km²
    Surface:2,724,902 km²
    Land Size:2,699,700 km²
    Continent:Asia / Europe
    Capital: Buenos Aires
    Surface:2,780,400 km²
    Land Size:2,736,690 km²
    Continent:South America
    Capital: New Delhi
    Surface:3,287,260 km²
    Land Size:2,973,190 km²
    Surface:7,741,220 km²
    Land Size:7,682,300km²
    Capital: Brasília
    Surface:8,515,770 km²
    Land Size:8,358,140km²
    Continent:South America
    Capital:Washington D.C
    Surface:9,525,067 – 9,831,510 km²
    Land Size:9,147,420km²
    Continent:North America
    Surface:9,600,013 km²
    Land Size:9,388,211km²
    Surface:9,879,750 km²
    Land Size:9,093,510km²
    Continent:North America
    Surface:17,098,250 km²
    Land Size:16,376,870 km²
    Water Area:720,500 sq km
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  5. 6 days ago · This is a ranking of languages by number of sovereign countries in which they are de jure or de facto official. English is the most present language, being officially found in all continents, followed by Portuguese and French which are spoken by four continents. United States, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines, United Kingdom.

  6. 6 days ago · The UN Population Division has calculated the future population of the world's countries, based on current demographic trends. Current (2020) world population is 7.8 billion. The 2019 report projects world population in 2050 to be 9.7 billion people, and possibly as high as 11 billion by the next century , with the following estimates for the ...

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