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  1. This is a list of countries and dependencies by population. It includes sovereign states , inhabited dependent territories and, in some cases, constituent countries of sovereign states, with inclusion within the list being primarily based on the ISO standard ISO 3166-1 .

  2. The life expectancy is shown separately for males and for females, as well as a combined figure. Several non-sovereign entities and territories are also included in this list. The figures reflect the quality of healthcare in the countries listed as well as other factors including ongoing wars, obesity, and HIV infections.

  3. The total number of Muslims in the European Union in 2010 was about 19 million (3.8%). The French capital of Paris and its metropolitan area has the largest number (1.7 million in 2008 according to The Economist) of Muslims out of any city in the European Union.

  4. This article is a list of the countries of the world by gross domestic product (GDP) at purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita, i.e., the PPP value of all final goods and services produced within an economy in a given year, divided by the average (or mid-year) population for the same year.

  5. The cohesion policy accounts for almost one third of the EU's budget, equivalent to almost EUR 352 billion over seven years in 2014-2020, and EUR 392 billion in 2021-2027, dedicated to the promotion of economic development and job creation, and for helping communities and nations get ready for the European Union's transition to a more ...

  6. Statistics Explained, your guide to European statistics. Together, the articles make up an encyclopedia of European statistics for everyone, completed by a statistical glossary clarifying all terms used and by numerous links to further information and the latest data and metadata, a portal for occasional and regular users.

  7. This is a list of African countries sorted by population, which is sorted by normalized demographic projections from the most recently available census or demographic data. Africa remains one of the world's fastest growing regions. 60% of Africa is 25 years of age or younger.

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