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    • 5 People All Kids Should Know About for Black History Month (and Life)

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      • Mae C. Jemison. ...
      • Daniel Hale Williams. Born in 1856, in 1893 Daniel Hale Williams opened the Provident Hospital: the first medical facility to have an interracial staff.
      • Gwendolyn Brooks. ...
      • Jackie Robinson. ...
      • Morrie Turner. ...
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  2. Biographies of African Americans › biography › africanamericans
    • Muhammad Ali - Championship boxer and civil rights activist.
    • Maya Angelou - Author and poet.
    • Louis Armstrong - One of the most influential figures in the history of jazz music.
    • Josephine Baker - Dancer and singer who fought for racial integration.
  3. 6 African-American Inventors for Kids: How Black Inventors ... › african-american-inventors
    • George Washington Carver. Popularized peanut butter, and invented hundreds of uses for peanuts, soybeans, pecans, and sweet potatoes such as: soaps and shampoos.
    • Dr. Patricia Bath. Dr. Bath was an ophthalmologist (medical doctor specializing in eye care), found that Blacks were twice as likely to suffer from blindness as the general population, and eight times more likely to suffer blindness as a result of glaucoma than whites.
    • Lewis Howard Latimer. Born to parents who escaped slavery, Lewis Howard Latimer fought in the US Navy during the Civil War. While working at a patent law office, he designed a number of his own inventions, such as an improved railroad car bathroom and an early version of an air conditioning unit.
    • Sarah E. Goode. In the early years of the United States, it was very difficult for a woman to get a patent in her own name. A patent is considered a kind of property, and in most states until the late 1800s, it was forbidden for women to own property in their own name.
  4. African American Heroes - National Geographic Kids › history › topic

    African American Pioneers of Science. Read. Explore more. Black History Month. Black History Month. Read. 1963 March On Washington. 1963 March On Washington.

  5. African-Americans - Social Studies for Kids › subjects › african

    These African-Americans are famous for what they invented. The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Article tracing the life, acts, and fame of the famous civil rights leader. Frederick Douglass One of the most important Black Americans in the history of the country was Frederick Douglass. Find out more about this outspoken foe of slavery.

  6. 54 Famous Black History Month African Americans › black-history-month

    Feb 20, 2016 · 54 Influential People For Black History Month. 1. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. (Nov. 29, 1908 – April 4, 1972) He was the first person of African-American descent to be elected from New York to Congress. 2. Alex Haley. 3. Angela Davis. 4. Anna Murray-Douglass. 5. Annie Malone.

  7. African American Heroes for Children - Walking by the Way › blog › african-american

    Mar 07, 2014 · Here are some of the people found in the Childhood of Famous Americans biographies: Jackie Robinson (Young Sports Trailblazer) Rosa Parks (Young Rebel) Crispus Attucks (Black Leader of Colonial Patriots)

  8. Black History: Biographies for Kids - Kid World Citizen › black-history-biographies-kids
    • Biographies About Famous “Firsts”
    • Biographies About Black Authors and Poets
    • Biographies of Black Scientists and Inventors
    • Biographies About Black Musicians
    • Biographies About Black Artists
    • Biographies About Black Politicians, Educators, and Activists
    • Biographies About Black Business Owners
    • Biographies of Black Athletes

    Molly, by Golly!: The Legend of Molly Williams, America’s First Female Firefighterby Dianne Ochiltree. In 1818, firefighting volunteers are sick with the flu and cannot extinguish the fire in a house. The cook for the firehouse helps to stop the fire and saves the day! Fly High! The Story of Bessie Colemanby Louise Borden. the beginning of a life of hard work and dedication that really paid off: Bessie became the first African-American to earn a pilot’s license. Bring Me Some Apples and I’ll Make You a Pie: A Story About Edna Lewis,by Robbin Gourley. Some argue that Edna Lewis was the first African American celebrity chef! Edna was a chef from Virginia who brought Southern Cuisine to New York through her work in several restaurants and her incredible cookbooks. One thing I personally loved about this book were the kid-friendly recipes, and the little food rhymes throughout the book. Fort Mose: And the Story of the Man Who Built the First Free Black Settlement in Colonial America,by...

    Poet: The Remarkable Story of George Moses Horton,by Don Tate. When studying black history, it is not often that children learn about slaves in a way that highlights their talents, intelligence, and humanity. George Moses Horton was a slave who taught himself to read, and wrote poems to protest slavery. He was the first African-American to be published in the South. Zora!: The Life of Zora Neale Hurston,by Dennis Brindell Fradin. While Zora was alive, she did not sell many books, nor did she make a lot of money from her books- but she continued to write, work other jobs, and overcome challenges. This book is for older kids, and I would recommend 4th grade and up. Coming Home: From the Life of Langston Hughes,by Floyd Cooper. This is a sweet book, great for kids of all ages (even the littles!) to be introduced to one of the US’s most important literary figures.

    George Washington Carver: From Slave to Scientist, by Janet Benge and A Weed Is a Flower: The Life of George Washington Carver, by Aliki are both great biographies about inventor and brilliant scientist. The first book, by one of my favorites authors-Aliki!- is geared towards younger students, while the book by Janet Benge is for upper elementary or middle schoolers. George Washington Carver is a genius, and his life was amazing- such an important story to be told. Mae Jemison by Nancy Polette. If you haven’t heard of Mae Jemison, go right now and check out one of her many biographies! Mae Jemison is a super-scientist who began as a chemical engineer, became a medical doctor, was an excellent dancer, a peace corps volunteer, and was a NASA astronaut. Rookie Readers are simple books for early readers, but still present intelligent ad interesting information. There are other more advanced biographies about the amazing Mae Jemison here.

    The Other Mozart: The Life of the Famous Chevalier de Saint Georgeby Hugh Brewster. This book tells the story of Joseph Bologne, who came from the West Indies and became one of the most famous men in 18th-century France. He was a talented swordsman, musician, and military commander in the French Revolution, sometimes known as the “Black Mozart.” Little Melba and Her Big Tromboneby Katheryn Russell-Brown. Melba Doretta Liston became a jazz virtuoso and talented trombonist, touring the country even as a teenager in the 1940s. This child prodigy overcame discrimination and adversity to showcase her incredible musical talent. Dizzy by Jonah Winter. When Dizzy Gillespie learned to play the trumpet as a child, he was able to use music to escape from tough times. With his adventurous and fun-loving spirit, he played around the country and invented a new sound: BEBOP. Harlem’s Little Blackbird: The Story of Florence Millsby Renée Watson. My daughters both especially enjoyed this story of Fl...

    It Jes’ Happened: When Bill Traylor Started to Draw, by Don Tate. After a life picking cotton as a slave and then a sharecropper in rural Alabama, Bill Traylor moved to the city in his 80s. He taught himself how to draw scenes from both his earlier life, and the city around him, using discarded paper or cardboard. People consider Bill Traylor to be one of the most important self-taught American folk artists. (Learn about a new documentary feature Bill Traylor here). A Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin, by Jen Bryant. Before reading this book, I had never heard of Horace Pippin. What an inspiration! After getting injured in World War II, he needed to guide his right arm with his left in order to continue make paintings. (Here’s a great lesson on Horace Pippin for K-4 from the National Gallery of Art). In Her Hands: The Story of Sculptor Augusta Savageby Alan Schroeder. Despite criticism by her father, Augusta Savage follows her dream ad becomes an artist, sculptor, and...

    The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynchby Chris Barton. This is a fabulous new book about a man who was born as a slave, and eventually became a State Representative during Reconstruction. He fought for equality for all: Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom,by Carole Boston Weatherford. This book is a very spiritual account of how Harriet Tubman’s determination, bravery, and faith in God allows her to rescue slaves using the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman is such an important figure in black history! Fifty Cents and a Dream: Young Booker T. Washington,by Jabari Asim. His dream was to learn to read, and so Booker T. Washington walked 500 miles, struggling to get into a school. This story embodies perseverance, determination, overcoming huge obstacles to get an education that was denied to him as a slave. Coretta Scott,by Ntokzake Shange. Although the age range is listed as preK- 4th grade, this book is better understood by 3rd grade and above. It is lyrical and poetic...

    She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley Story,by Audrey Vernick. Effa Manley loved baseball: she played the sport, she also fought racial injustice towards black baseball players, and she was a successful coowner of the Newark Eagles, a Negro League team. After fighting to get “her players” into the Baseball Hall of Fame, she actually was the first (and only!) woman ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Book Itch: Freedom, Truth, and Harlem’s Greatest Bookstore,by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson. In the 1930s, Lewis Michaux Sr., started a bookstore in Harlem called “The National Memorial African Bookstore.” Visitors were welcome to come and share their opinions, and ever Malcolm X came to speak his mind!

    Who was Jackie Robinson? by Gail Herman. I am Jackie Robinson by Brad Meltzer. Time for Kids: Jackie Robinson, Strong Inside and Out. My kids are really interested in Jackie Robinson and we have read several great biographies about his life. Jackie Robinson was the first black player in Major League Baseball, and really paved the way for equality in baseball and other sports. Kids must learn about how he overcame injustices, as a part of their black history lessons. Nothing But Trouble: The Story of Althea Gibsonby Sue Stauffacher. She started playing paddle tennis in Harlem, and kept gaining momentum until she was the first African American ever to compete in and win the Wimbledon Cup. Tennis superstar Venus Williams has said “I have all the opportunities today because of people like Althea. Just trying to follow in her footsteps.” Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dreamby Deloris Jordan. I am from Chicago, and as a teenager celebrated the Bulls various NBA Champion...

  9. African American Biographies › african

    Browse African-American Bios. YouTube. Educational Videos for Students (Cartoons on Bullying, Leadership & More) 78.7K subscribers. Rosa Parks Story (Educational Videos for Students) Rosa Parks for Kids (Watch Cartoons Online) CN. Info.

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