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  1. Languages of the Philippines - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Proposals to conserve Philippine languages. There have been numerous proposals to conserve the many languages of the Philippines. According to the Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino, there are 135 ethnolinguistic groups in the country, each having their own distinct Philippine language.

  2. Filipino language - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Filipino (English: / ˌ f ɪ l ɪ ˈ p iː n oʊ / (); Wikang Filipino [wɪˈkɐŋ ˌfiːliˈpiːno]), also known as Pilipino, is the national language (Wikang pambansa / Pambansang wika) of the Philippines.

  3. Filipino alphabet - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · The modern Filipino alphabet (Filipino: makabagong alpabetong Filipino), otherwise known as the Filipino alphabet (Filipino: alpabetong Filipino), is the alphabet of the Filipino language, the official national language and one of the two official languages of the Philippines.

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  4. Filipinos - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · According to Ethnologue, there are about 180 languages spoken in the Philippines. The 1987 Constitution of the Philippines imposed the Filipino language. as the national language and designates it, along with English, as one of the official languages. Regional languages are designated as auxiliary official languages.

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  5. 4 days ago · Filipino and English are the official languages. Filipino is based largely on Tagalog, a native language spoken in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. The Filipino language, is a cousin of the Malay language. Other local languages and dialects are Cebuano and Ilocano and many others. English is used in government, schools and business.

  6. Spanish language in the Philippines - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Spanish was the official language of the Philippines from the beginning of Spanish rule in the late 16th century, through the conclusion of the Spanish–American War in 1898 and remained co-official, along with English, until 1987.

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  8. Filipino Americans - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Filipino and English are constitutionally established as official languages in the Philippines, and Filipino is designated as the national language, with English in wide use. Many Filipinos speak American English due to American colonial influence in the country's education system and due to limited Spanish education . [74]

  9. Tagalog language - Wikipedia

    20 hours ago · Tagalog (/ t ə ˈ ɡ ɑː l ɒ ɡ /; tə-GAH-log) (Tagalog pronunciation: [tɐˈɡaːloɡ]) is an Austronesian language spoken as a first language by the ethnic Tagalog people, who make up a quarter of the population of the Philippines, and as a second language by the majority.

  10. List of loanwords in Tagalog - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · The Filipino language incorporated Spanish loanwords as a result of 333 years of contact with the Spanish language. In their review of a Pilipino-English dictionary, Llamzon and Thorpe (1972) point out that 33% of word roots are of Spanish origin.

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