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  1. Korsholm (Finnish: Mustasaari) Smedsby: 849.07: 19,454: 22.83: Korsnäs: Korsnäs: 236.01: 2,067: 9.13: Koski Tl (Swedish: Koskis) Koski Tl: 191.48: 2,289: 12.32: Kotka: Kotka: 272.02: 51,695: 196.82: Kouvola: Kouvola: 81,216: 32.91: Kristinestad (Finnish: Kristiinankaupunki) Kristinestad: 683.04: 6,401: 9.72: Kronoby (Finnish: Kruunupyy) Kronoby: 712.86: 6,413: 9.16: Kuhmo: Kuhmo: 8,044: 1.77: Kuhmoinen (Swedish: Kuhmois)

  2. The municipalities ( Finnish: kunta; Swedish: kommun) represent the local level of administration in Finland and act as the fundamental, self-governing administrative units of the country. The entire country is incorporated into municipalities and legally, all municipalities are equal, although certain municipalities are called cities or towns ...

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  4. I removed the links to "1 E6 m²","1 E7 m²", etc. definitions. It is not relevant to the subject of this page (list of municipalities) and breaks the uniformity of the list. If you disagree please explain. 20:44, 29 September 2006 (UTC) The list is way outdated -- 12:40, 8 January 2009 (UTC)

  5. This is a listing in alphabetical order of the 311 municipalities in Finland as of 2018. Note that there are 114 municipalities that have both a Finnish and a Swedish name. Those municipalities are listed by the name in the local majority language, with the name in the other national language provided in parenthesis. Finnish is the majority language in 99 of those 114 municipalities, while ...

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