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  1. Languages of the Philippines - Wikipedia

    The Malay language, along with Philippine languages belonging to the Malayo-Polynesian language family, has also had an immense influence on many languages spoken in the Philippines. This is because Old Malay used to be the lingua franca throughout the archipelago, a good example of this is Magellan's translator Enrique using Malay to converse ...

  2. List of regional languages of the Philippines - Wikipedia

    This is the list of recognized regional languages in the Philippines as ordered and permitted by the Department of Education (Philippines) under the Mother Tongue-Based Multi-Lingual Education (MTB-MLE) strategy: Aklanon; Bikol; Cebuano; Chavacano; Hiligaynon; Ibanag; Ilocano; Ivatan; Kapampangan; Kinaray-a; Maguindanao; Maranao; Pangasinan; Sambal; Surigaonon; Tagalog; Tausug

  3. PHILIPPINE DIALECTS - The Many Dialects Of The Country
    • English – One of the official languages of the Philippines and is being taught by schools.
    • Aklanon or Aklan – A language from Visayas that is native to the province of Aklan in the Island of Panay.
    • Asi or Bantoanon – A Visayan language which originated in Banton, Romblon.
    • Binol-anon or Boholano Cebuano – A version of the Cebuano language used in the province of Bohol and most parts of Southern Leyte.
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  5. Philippine languages - Wikipedia

    Southern Mindoro languages (or South Mangyan; 3 languages) Central Philippine languages (40 languages, including Tagalog, Bikol languages and Visayan languages) Palawan languages (3 languages) Subanen languages (6 languages; sometimes considered one dialect cluster) Danao languages (3 languages; Iranun language, Maguindanao and Maranao)

  6. Languages and Dialects in the Philippines

    (Language/Dialect) Kung Saan Sinasalita (Where Spoken) 1. AGTA, Alabat Island (Alabat Island Dumagat) Silangang Lalawigan ng Quezon, Luzon: 2. AGTA, Camarines Norte (Manide, Agiyan) Luzon, Santa Elena at Labo, Camarines Norte 3. AGTA, Sentral Cagayan (Central Cagayan Dumagat) Hilagang Silangan ng Luzon: 4. AGTA, Dicamay (Dicamay Dumagat)

  7. Philippine Languages and Dialects

    Philippine languages generally use a Romanized writing system. It can be categorized into two groups: Spanish-based and Filipino-based. •KWF is propagating the use of Ortograpiyang Pambansa (2013) as the model for creating the orthographies of other Philippine Languages. •Some languages still use a Spanish-based system for certain aspects

  8. Languages and Dialects of the Philippines - Around The ...

    Sep 07, 2017 · Languages and Dialects of the Philippines Abellen, Abenlen, Aburlin Aborlan Tagbanwa Agta Agutaynen Aklanon Alangan Albayano Albuerahanon Cebuano dialect Ambala Ammutan Asi Atimonan Tagalog dialect Atta Ayangan Bacolodnon Hiligaynon Bahasa Tausug Balangao Banao Itneg Bantayanon Bantoanon Batac ...

  9. Major Languages of the Philippines

    The Philippines has 8 major dialects. to bottom: Bikol, Cebuano, Hiligaynon (Ilonggo), Ilocano, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, Tagalog, and Waray. The language being taught all over the Philippines is Tagalog and English.

  10. Top 10 Languages Used in the Philippines –
    • Tagalog. Our national language was based from Tagalog. It is used mainly in Manila Area and nearby provinces such as Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Nueva Ecija, and Laguna.
    • Cebuano. Cebuano is the next most spoken language in the Philippines with a total of 21,340,000 Filipinos using it. This is mainly used in Cebu City and some areas in Mindanao, such as Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and General Santos City.
    • Ilocano. Ilokano or Ilocano is a combination of other languages from other countries such as Chamorro of Guam, Indonesian, Hawaiian, Malay, Samoan and Tahitian.
    • Hiligaynon. Hiligaynon or Ilonggo is the language used in Aklan, Antique, Bacolod, Capiz, Iloilo, Panay Islands as well as in North and South Cotabato in Mindanao.
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