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    The block as of Unicode 3.0 contained 81 symbols: 75 runic letters (U+16A0–U+16EA), 3 punctuation marks (Runic Single Punctuation U+16EB ᛫, Runic Multiple Punctuation U+16EC ᛬ and Runic Cross Punctuation U+16ED ᛭), and three runic symbols that are used in early modern runic calendar staves ("Golden number Runes", Runic Arlaug Symbol U+ ...

  2. English, in various dialects, is the most widely spoken language of the United Kingdom, but a number of regional languages are also spoken. There are 14 indigenous languages used across the British Isles: 5 Celtic, 3 Germanic, 3 Romance, and 3 sign languages: 2 Banszl and 1 Francosign language.

  3. Home Updates to the OED. Updates to the OED. The OED is updated on a quarterly basis, and the updates make up the Third Edition of the OED.The material added to the dictionary includes revised versions of existing entries (which replace the older versions), and new words and senses both within the alphabetical sequence of revised entries and also across the whole A to Z range.

  4. Jan 14, 2021 · Hockey slang terms, explained by college stars Share If you think being fluent in the English language means you'll understand everything being said on the rink and in the stands of a hockey game Funny Irish Slang Words, Phrases, Sayings and more. A list of Russian Names for Girls and Boys with Meanings of Russian Baby Names. B.

  5. T. he Diversity Style Guide is a resource to help journalists and other media professionals cover a complex, multicultural world with accuracy, authority and sensitivity.. . This guide, initially a project of the Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism at San Francisco State University, brings together definitions and information from more than two dozen style guides, journalism ...

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