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    Below is a chart of Philippine languages. While there have been misunderstandings on which ones should be classified as language and which ones should be classified as dialect, the chart confirms that most have similarities, yet are not mutually comprehensible. These languages are arranged according to the regions they are natively spoken (from ...

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    The Philippine languages, per Adelaar and Himmelmann (2005) The Philippine languages are a proposed group by R. David Paul Zorc (1986) and Robert Blust (1991; 2005; 2019) that include all the languages of the Philippines and northern Sulawesi—except Sama–Bajaw (languages of the "Sea Gypsies") and a few languages of Palawan—and form a subfamily of Austronesian languages.

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    Other languages. There are approximately more than 175 languages and dialects in the Philippines which form part of the regional languages group. A few of these languages and dialects are spoken by in islands communities such as Abaknon in Capul island. References

  5. PHILIPPINE DIALECTS - The Many Dialects Of The Country › 2019/08/16 › list-philippine-dialects
    • English – One of the official languages of the Philippines and is being taught by schools.
    • Aklanon or Aklan – A language from Visayas that is native to the province of Aklan in the Island of Panay.
    • Asi or Bantoanon – A Visayan language which originated in Banton, Romblon.
    • Binol-anon or Boholano Cebuano – A version of the Cebuano language used in the province of Bohol and most parts of Southern Leyte.
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    Sep 07, 2017 · Languages and Dialects of the Philippines 10:00:00 PM Philippine dialects , Philippine languages Edit This is a list of languages and dialects of the Philippines. 180 languages or dialects currently listed.

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    On December 30, President Quezon issued Executive Order No. 134, s. 1937, approving the adoption of Tagalog as the language of the Philippines, and declared and proclaimed the national language so based on the Tagalog dialect as the national language of the Philippines. The order stated that it would take effect two years from its promulgation.

  8. NATIONAL SYMBOLS OF THE PHILIPPINES - Symbols Of Our Country › national-symbols-of-the-philippines
    • Official National Symbols.
    • National Flag. The flag is made of silk and is defined as a white equilateral triangle with three yellow stars in each corner that represents the three island groups; a sun that represents liberty with eight rays that represent the 8 provinces that fought in the revolution; an upper blue stripe that represents peace and justice; and a lower red stripe that represents patriotism and valor but when it’s on the upper side, it signifies a declaration of war.
    • National Anthem | Lupang Hinirang. The anthem is composed by Julian Felipe and the poem is adapted from a Spanish poem “Filipina” by José Palma. There are different versions of the song, which includes the American version by Camilo Osias named “Land of the Morning”.
    • National Flower | Sampaguita. The sampaguita is also known as the “Arabian Jasmine”. The wite color represents purity, simplicity, humility and strength.
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    It attempts to bring attention to languages whose number of speakers is declining. We are confident that with sufficient exposure to the beauty and richness of the different languages, readers will want to preserve them. This section will provide a compendium of languages and dialects in the Philippines, arranged in alphabetical order.

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    • Tagalog. Tagalog is the only Filipino language that can generally be spoken and understood around almost every part of the country. Mainly spoken in Manila area and neighboring provinces like Batangas, Nueva Ecija, Laguna, Cavite, etc.
    • Cebuano. Cebuanois the second most spoken native language of Philippines. Majorly articulated in Cebu City and other areas like Butuan, Mindanao, Davao, General Santos City and Cagayan de Oro, around 21 million people are presently using it for discourse.
    • Ilocano. Ilocano or Ilokanois a blend of several other languages from different countries like Indonesia, Hawaiian, Malay, Tahitian, Samoan and Chamorro of Guam.
    • Waray-Waray. Warayis the fifth most spoken regional language of the Philippines. The name waray-waray comes from ‘waray’ means ‘none’ or ‘nothing.’ It is broadly oral in provinces like Biliran, Eastern Samar, Northern Samar and Eastern Visayas.
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