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    What are the most famous science experiments?

    What are some good science experiments?

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    What are some easy science experiments to do at home?

    • Crystallize your own rock candy. Crystal science experiments teach kids about supersaturated solutions. This one is easy to do at home, and the results are absolutely delicious!
    • Repel glitter with dish soap. Everyone knows that glitter is just like germs—it gets everywhere and is so hard to get rid of! Use that to your advantage, and show kids how soap fights glitter and germs.
    • Blow the biggest bubbles you can. Add a few simple ingredients to dish soap solution to create the largest bubbles you’ve ever seen! Kids learn about surface tension as they engineer these bubble-blowing wands.
    • Build a Ferris Wheel. You’ve probably ridden on a Ferris Wheel, but can you build one? Stock up on wood craft sticks and find out! Play around with different designs to see which one works best.
  2. Science Experiments Filter by Area of Science Grade Level Sort by Most popular Balloon-Powered Car Challenge Transform Drinks Into Semi-Solid Juice Balls That Pop in Your Mouth What Makes Ice Melt Fastest? Electrolyte Challenge: Orange Juice Vs. Sports Drink Build a Paper Roller Coaster Ball Launcher Challenge Water Quality

  3. 14 Best Science Experiments for Elementary School: Make a Tornado in a Jar Create a Rain Cloud in a Jar Make a Volcano Make Slime Watch Crayons Melt to Form Art Make a Lava Lamp Create a Lemon Battery Make Ice Cream in a Ziplock Bag Make Your Pennies Shiny and Clean Make Your Lunch Bag Explode Blow Up a Balloon

    • Extract DNA from a strawberry. You don’t need a lot of supplies to perform this experiment, but it’s impressive nonetheless. Turn this into a science fair project by trying it with other fruits and vegetables too.
    • Recreate Mendel’s pea plant experiment. Gregor Mendel’s pea plant experiments were some of the first to explore inherited traits and genetics. Recreate his cross-pollination experiments with a variety of pea plants you’ve grown yourself.
    • Make plants move with light. By this age, kids know that many plants move toward sunlight, a process known as phototropism. So science experiments for high school students on this topic need to introduce variables into the process, like covering seedling parts with different materials to see the effects.
    • Test the five-second rule. We’d all like to know the answer to this one: is it really safe to eat food you’ve dropped on the floor? Design and conduct an experiment to find out (although we think we might already know the answer).
  4. Science experiments you can do at home! Explore an ever growing list of hundreds of fun and easy science experiments. Have fun trying these experiments at home or use them for science fair project ideas. Explore experiments by category, newest experiments, most popular experiments, easy at home experiments, or simply scroll down this page for tons of awesome experiment ideas!

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