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    • The Best Skate Punk Bands

      Skate Punk Bands | List of Best Skatepunk Artists/Groups
      • NOFX Los Angeles, California, United States of America
      • Bad Religion Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California
      • Pennywise Hermosa Beach, California, United States of America
      • Lagwagon Goleta, California, United States of America
      • Millencolin Örebro, Sweden
      • No Use for a Name San Jose, California, United States of America Best Skate Punk Bands 1 NOFX Los,California, United States of America More items...
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  2. List of skate punk bands - Wikipedia

    Skate punk is a subgenre of punk rock This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by adding missing items with reliable sources .

  3. Skate Punk Bands | List of Best Skatepunk Artists/Groups

    This skate punk bands list ranks the best skate punk bands and musicians by votes. This list of top skate punk groups let’s you see who skate punk fans think are the best bands in skate punk music. Originally a derivative of the West Coast punk scene, skate punk gets its name for its popularity within the skating community.

  4. Top skate punk artists |

    Browse the top skate punk artists to find new music. Scrobble songs to get recommendations on tracks you'll love.

  5. List of Skatepunk bands by country | Skatepunkers Wiki | Fandom

    Different people will classify bands differently! In the list below you will find bands that can be, besides skatepunk, considered to belong to bordering genres such as: (Melodic) Hardcore, Pop Punk, Punk Rock, Trallpunk etc. 1 Africa 2 Asia 3 Europe and Russia 4 North America 5 Oceania 6 South and Central America List of Skatepunk bands from South Africa List of Skatepunk bands from China ...

  6. Skate Punk Music & Artists | Bandcamp

    See all artists, albums, and tracks tagged with "skate punk" on Bandcamp.

  7. 10 Best Skate Punk Records of All Time | Phoenix New Times
    • Valley of the Yakes — JFA (1983): Phoenix skate punks young and old make no secret about their love of JFA. All of JFA's records, especially the early ones, are classics, but Valley of the Yakes gets the nod because it includes the song "Skateboard."
    • Don't Be Mistaken — Agression (1983): Talk about killer live shows. Oxnard, California's Agression played Phoenix several times during the '80s, and the shows always were treats.
    • Keep Laughing — Rich Kids on LSD (1985): Scooter Buell, who ran Malt Soda Records and released one of RKL's final albums, says, "Busting out of the Southern California wake of the Bones Brigade was the progression of kids who traded in their bicycles for skate decks and never looked back.
    • Living in Darkness — Agent Orange (1981): Agent Orange is best appreciated in concert, where guitarist/singer Mike Palm and his bandmates truly bring the rock, but this is another example of skate punk at its finest.
  8. Skate punk - Wikipedia

    Skate punk features the fast tempos of hardcore punk and melodic hardcore, occasionally combining them with the catchy hooks of pop punk. Some skate punk bands play other genres of music; pop punk, funk metal, and hardcore punk are genres that are noted for being played by some skate punk bands. Skate punk paved the way for third-wave ska.

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