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    • Go behind-the-scenes. When it comes to your business, all your clients get to see is the tip of the iceberg. Show your followers what it’s like to be you by snapping a quick behind-the-scenes photo with a casual caption.
    • Revive an old blog post. Pick out a post that did well last year and re-share it to remind your followers it’s still kicking around. Need an excuse? Pull out an old blog to share for a #ThrowbackThursday post or wait till the time is right to revive something seasonally appropriate.
    • Share something that’s unrelated to your decorating business… … but totally fits with your brand. An inspirational or cheeky quote, a beautiful landscape, a well-designed room or trendy new product—these can help build your brand and appeal to your followers.
    • Share a resource. Show you’re an authority in the interior decorating industry by sharing tips or resources for your followers (like this handy Color Cheat Sheet infographic!).
    • Figure out the best platforms to reach the right people. To get started with social media for interior design, you need to figure out what platforms you will use.
    • Create a brand style and voice for your content to build brand recognition. As an interior designer, you know that when you design a client’s space, it speaks loudly to their style and what they like.
    • Go visual with your content to make it more engaging. Next on our list of social media tips for interior designers is to go visual with your content. You want to catch your audience’s attention as they scroll through their feed — visual content is the best way to do that.
    • Create a schedule for your content to stay organized. When you do social media marketing for interior designers, you’ll find that a critical component of social media is that you must post content often.
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    • Pinterest. Pinterest is the number one social media platform for interior designers to focus on and here’s why. It helps to think of Pinterest as less of a social media tool and more of a search engine.
    • Instagram. As the interior design is a visual business Instagram is a great place to showcase your work. It also allows you to connect with your audience.
    • Houzz. Houzz is the world’s biggest platform for connecting home renovators with the professionals they need to get the job done. A place where interior designers, architects, builders and landscapers, and home decor brands showcase their work for homeowners to discover.
    • Facebook. I actually debated whether or not to put Facebook on the list and this might be a controversial decision but here’s why. Facebook is still the world’s biggest social media site so yes you do need a Facebook page.
    • Get clear on what you want to achieve with your social media strategy. The world of social media is like the wild west in that anything goes. Social media is buzzing 24/7 and there’s no shortage of things to create, share, and comment on.
    • Put things on a timeline. The world of social media marketing is vast, and as a result, it can be overwhelming. This is why we borrow a phrase from 12-step programs that help people overcome addictions: “Take it one day at a time.”
    • Think about the resources (your time and money) that you can devote to social media marketing for your interior design business. Only you know your schedule and what you’re able to accomplish in a given week.
    • Look into outsourcing. As a solopreneur, outsourcing can be your best friend. Hiring a top-notch social media marketing agency doesn’t have to be expensive and it can take a lot of weight off your shoulders.
  2. YouTube is still a powerful social media platform for which interior designers should at least consider developing a strategy. According to a study, YouTube is the most widely used social platform among US adults.

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