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  1. Apr 24, 2024 · Madison. (2020) 269,840. (2021 est.) 269,196. Wyoming. Cheyenne. (2020) 65,132. (2021 est.) 65,051. This is a list of the cities that are state capitals in the United States, ordered alphabetically by state. The list also provides the most recent U.S. census population for each city as well as an estimated population.

    • List of U.S. Cities

      This is a list of selected cities, towns, and other...

    • Montgomery

      Montgomery was the scene of important civil-rights activity...

    • Des Moines

      From 1910 to 1920 Des Moines expanded rapidly as local coal...

  2. States (highlighted in blue) that have changed their capital city at least once. This is a list of capital cities of the United States, including places that serve or have served as federal, state, insular area, territorial, colonial and Native American capitals. Washington, D.C. has been the federal capital of the United States since 1800.

  3. Aug 13, 2022 · The United States of America (USA) has 50 states. It is the second largest country in North America after Canada (largest) and followed by Mexico (third largest). The U.S. has 50 states, a federal district, and five territories. Here is a list of the 50 states and their capitals. 50 States And Their Capitals

    State Name
    State Capital
    Postal Abbreviation
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  5. US states list and state capitals list for all the the 50 states are featured in this list. Get to know which capital belongs to which state. Plus, print out a copy to study with.

  6. The 50 United States and Capitals. The list below is all 50 States and their capitals in alphabetical order. Order the 50 States by name, capital or the date they became a state. To learn fun and intersting facts for each state, click on the state flag or name.

  7. List of U.S. state capitals. This is a list of United States state capital cities. Each has a capital building that acts as the center of government for its state. The capital city with the fewest people is Montpelier, Vermont, [1] while the capital city with the most people is Phoenix, Arizona. States (purple) whose capital is also that state ...

  8. While most states (39 of the 50) use the term "capitol" for their state's seat of government, Indiana and Ohio use the term "Statehouse" and eight states use "State House": Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Vermont. Delaware has a "Legislative Hall".

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