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    Amy Christine Dumas (/ d ʊ ˈ m ɑː /; born April 14, 1975), better known by her ring name Lita, is an American animal welfare activist, singer and professional wrestler.She performed as a full-time wrestler with WWE from 2000 to 2006 and has since made part-time appearances with the company.

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    People. Lita (given name) Lita (wrestler) (born 1975), American professional wrestler Adriana Lita, Materials scientist; Leroy Lita (born 1984), Congo football player; Selina Jahan Lita, Bangladesh Awami League politician and Member of Parliament

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    Lita is a female given name of Latin origin, which means "gladly". The name can be a diminutive form of Amelita, Elita, or Lolita.The name Lita may refer to: People. Lita (wrestler) (born 1975), American wrestler

    • Female
    • Latin
    • "Gladly"
    • Latin
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    Lita is the third solo studio album by the American glam metal singer and guitarist Lita Ford.Originally released in February 1988, it was her first for RCA Records and her first published with the supervision of new manager Sharon Osbourne.

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    Lita Rossana Ford is an English-born American guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. She was the lead guitarist for the all female rock band the Runaways in the late 1970s before embarking on a successful glam metal solo career, that hit its peak in the late 1980s. The 1989 single "Close My Eyes Forever", a duet with Ozzy Osbourne, remains Ford's most successful song, reaching No. 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

    Lita Ford was born to a British father and an Italian mother in London, England. When she was in second grade, she moved with her family to the United States, eventually settling in Long Beach, California. Inspired by Ritchie Blackmore's work with Deep Purple, she began playing the guitar at the age of 11. Her vocal range is mezzo-soprano.

    In 1975, at age 16, Ford was recruited by recording impresario Kim Fowley to join the all-female rock band The Runaways. The band soon secured a recording contract and released their first album in 1976. The band garnered significant media attention and the Runaways became a succ

    In 1982, Ford signed with Mercury Records and set about launching a solo career. Her debut solo album, entitled Out for Blood, was released in 1983 and was a commercial disappointment. Her next release, Dancin' on the Edge achieved moderate success and Ford's popularity began to

    By the mid-1990s, Ford placed a reduced priority on her music career as she turned her attention towards raising her two young sons. Following the release of Black in 1995, Ford did not release new material until the Wicked Wonderland album in 2009.

    In the mid-1980s, Ford was briefly engaged to guitarist Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. Iommi co-produced her album The Bride Wore Black, which was never released. Ford said in a 1989 interview with Kerrang! magazine that "there's a certain amount of bad blood between Tony and I". Ford was married to W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes in the early 1990s for a short time. After the couple divorced, Ford met former Nitro vocalist Jim Gillette in 1994 and the couple were married after knowing each other

    During her solo career, Ford endorsed musical instrument manufacturer B.C. Rich and exclusively used several of the brand's guitars, most notably the Warlock. The 1992 TV series Howie, starring Howie Mandel, saw Ford as a regular guitarist for the house band. Ford also had a small role in the 1992 horror/comedy film Highway to Hell playing a character called "The Hitchhiker". Ford was also asked by VH-1 to join the cast of the seventh season of the reality television program The Surreal Life in

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    Amy Christine Dumas (born April 14, 1975) better known by her ring name Lita, is an American former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler and valet.While working with WWE from 2000–2006, she became one of the most popular female wrestlers in the company's history.

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    Early life and career. Lilian Patricia Lita Roza was born in Liverpool on 14 March 1926, the eldest of seven children. She began work at an early age to support the family. She owed her sultry looks and passion to her father, an amateur accordionist and pianist of Filipino descent who played in Liverpool nightcl

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    Amy Christine Dumas attended many different schools throughout her childhood and adolescent years and managed to finish high school at Lassiter High School six months before graduation. She majored in education at Georgia State University, but dropped out in 1993 because she felt it was too much like high school.Later, in Washington, D.C., Dumas played bass guitar in several bands, and she worked as a roadie for a band for five years. She began taking judo classes and started wrestling.

    Dumas first became interested in wrestling after watching Rey Mysterio, Jr., a Mexican luchador, wrestle on an episode of World Championship Wrestling's WCW Monday Nitro. She traveled to Mexico in 1998 to learn more about the sport and how to wrestle. Dumas financed her training by dancing in a club under the pseudonym Misty. During her stay in Mexico, Dumas trained under numerous wrestlers, including Kevin Quinn, Miguel Perez, and Ricky Santana. Following the completion of her training, Duma...

    Dumas formed the band The Luchagors in mid-2006, and they debuted in September 2006 at a rock n' wrestling event called Rock -N- Shock at The Masquerade in Atlanta. Dumas wore a top emblazoned with the symbol of the band during her final match in WWE. The band released their self-titled debut CD, The Luchagors, on September 11, 2007.Dumas contributed vocals to the song \\"From The Shadows\\" (appearing on the track alongside Dez Cadena of Black Flag/Misfits) from Recognise, the debut album from U...

    Lita was featured in the June 2001 video and DVD release Lita: It Just Feels Right. The video featured discussions of Lita's career to that point and showcased several of her matches. Dumas' autobiography, written with Michael Krugman, Lita: A Less Traveled R.O.A.D. – The Reality of Amy Dumas was published in 2003. The book, which was featured on the New York Times bestsellers list, covered topics such as her family, childhood years, wrestling career, relationship with Matt Hardy, and her nec...

    Dumas had breast augmentation surgery in late 1999. She has a wide variety of tattoos and had two piercings in her tongue and another two in her nose.Dumas is a known animal lover. In 2003, she founded the animal charity Amy Dumas Operation Rescue and Education (A.D.O.R.E.).On December 9, 2011, Dumas was arrested in Georgia for speeding and driving with a suspended license.Dumas began dating Matt Hardy in 1999. Due to their different schedules they became serious only after Dumas joined WWF i...

    1. Dumas dropped out of Georgia State College in 1993 because she thought it was too much like high school. 2. Dumas volunteers at a local animal shelter and started her own animal rescue group, ADORE (Amy Dumas Operation Rescue & Education). Dumas also has her own radio show on Atlanta's WKLS, Project 9-6-1, where she plays old school punk rock music by bands like Dead Kennedys, The Damned and Suicidal Tendencies. 3. In March 2008, Dumas was asked to do an interview for the WWE's new Hardy...

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    Mnohaya lita (Ukrainian: Многая літа, literally "Many Years" or the implied meaning "wishing you many years of life") is a traditional Ukrainian celebratory song.

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