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  1. 1-48 of 748 results for "live turtles for sale as pets" Animals are not listed for sale on Amazon Amazon does list some shellfish as well as insects and worms used for agricultural purposes, bait, or pet food.

  2. Box turtle for sale | baby box turtles for sale eastern box ... › box-turtles-for-sale

    Some species of box turtles offered here at the turtle store are the 3 toed box turtles for sale, Eastern box turtle, the, and ornate box turtles. Shop with confidence as the turtle store is your source for the healthiest, captive bred box turtles for sale as well as tortoise for sale in the world.

  3. Box turtle for sale | baby box turtles for sale eastern box ... › box-turtles-for-sale

    We’ve got a huge a variety of captive bred baby box turtles for sale as well as well started 6-month-old baby box turtle for sale (recommended over fragile hatchlings). We offer the eastern box turtle for sale , as well as the 3 toed box turtles for sale , and ornate box turtles as well.

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    Box turtle for sale at the best price. Buy baby box turtles for sale near me, eastern box turtles, 3 toed, Florida, ornate, and baby Chinese box turtles.

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    When considering any live baby aquatic turtle for sale, there are many species to choose from. Lastly, are many other types of live turtles for sale available. Some popular baby turtles for sale includes mud turtles, map turtles, softshell turtles, cooters, terrapins for sale and many more live baby turtles.

  6. Eastern Box Turtle for Sale | Reptiles for Sale › turtles › eastern-box

    Eastern Box Turtle Terrapene c. carolina. We have some absolutely stunning captive born and bred Eastern Box turtles for sale at the best possible pricing. This species gets its name from the ability to hinge its shell closed on both ends.

  7. Facts About Eastern Box Turtles (16 Fun Facts With Pictures ... › facts-about-eastern-box-turtles

    Other sub-species are Gulf-coast Box turtles, Yucatan Box-turtle, Florida box-turtle, Mexican box-turtle, and the three-toed box turtle. There are 4 other distinct species of box turtles. 4. Female eastern box turtles can produce fertilized eggs for several years after mating. This is definitely one of the wildest facts about eastern box turtles.

  8. Aquatic turtles for sale | baby water turtle for sale ... - box › aquatic-turtles-for-sale

    Finding a captive bred box turtle can be difficult depending on where you live, which is why ordering a box turtle for sale online is best. Species of box turtle on sale at the turtle store include the Eastern box turtle, Florida box turtle, 3 toed box turtle, and Chinese box turtle.

  9. is dedicated to providing free resources to all turtle and tortoise pet enthusiasts. We provide free care sheets, first aid guides, as well as in depth product reviews about everything related to the care of turtles, tortoises, and box turtles.

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