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  1. In Utter Darkness | StarCraft Wiki | Fandom › wiki › In_Utter_Darkness

    On a distant, shadowed world, the protoss will make their final stand. Their heroes will gather, their forces will be marshaled, and they will die bravely. But still, they will die. And my zerg... will be slaves... to the hybrid. All will bow before the power... of the Fallen One.The Overmind's vision of the battle. In Utter Darkness is the fourth and final mission of the Zeratul mini-campaign ...

  2. Fictional last words in films - Wikiquote › wiki › Fictional_last_words_in_films

    May 08, 2021 · Live Free or Die Hard (2007) On your tombstone it should read, "Always in the wrong place at the wrong time." [John McClane: How about..."Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!"] Who: Thomas Gabriel; Note: Said while standing behind McClane, pressing a gun into his shoulder wound.

  3. Arcturus Mengsk (Co-op Missions) | StarCraft Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Arcturus_Mengsk_(Co-op

    Arcturus Mengsk is a playable commander in Co-op Missions mode. He utilizes masses of recruits to push the front, while "controversial" weapons support his fight against Amon. The core of Mengsk's army are his Dominion troopers and laborers, conscripted forces who are cheap and easy to produce. They can switch between being a laborer and a trooper as the situation requires, and can equip ...

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