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  1. May 04, 2007 · "Spark," from the lone 1980s release by the group -- the album Foreigner manager Bud Prager got for the boys by making a phone call (and without a demo) -- doesn't sound bad, and if they weren't the opening act on a Deep Purple tour, listeners might have found some of the other cuts from the disc they were promoting making their way onto this release. Alas, there are only the nuggets "Nantucket Sleighride" and "Mississippi Queen" finishing up this brief concert, just as the band was getting ...

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  2. Live In Paris 1985 by Deep Purple - CD (2020) for $18.10 from Pop / Rock - Order by Phone 1-800-336-4627

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  3. Parlez-Vous Purple (Paris, France July 8, 1985) 2CD I'm not sure which date is correct, as I think this and the below show are the same. Inaccuracy of dates & venues is typical among bootlegs. Inaccuracy of dates & venues is typical among bootlegs.

  4. Live In Paris find Mountain live in 1985 as the opening act for Deep Purple’s European tour. Here West and Laing are joined by bassist Michael Clarke. The DVD, however, isn’t quite the experience one would hope. First, the production is second-rate, even for 1985. The video is dark with few camera angles.

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  5. Live, a Bootleg of songs by Deep Purple. Released in 1985 (catalog no. DGR 1006; Vinyl 12"). Genres: Hard Rock.

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    • Mk I - Blackmore-Evans-Lord-Paice-Simper
    • Mk Ii.A - Blackmore-Gillan-Glover-Lord-Paice
    • Mk III - Blackmore-Coverdale-Hughes-Lord-Paice
    • Mk IV - Bolin-Coverdale-Hughes-Lord-Paice
    • Mk Ii.B [or Mk V] - Blackmore-Gillan-Glover-Lord-Paice
    • Mk V [or Mk VI] - Blackmore-Glover-Lord-Paice-Turner
    • Mk II.C [or Mk VII] - Blackmore-Gillan-Glover-Lord-Paice
    • Mk Vi [or Mk VIII] - Gillan-Glover-Lord-Paice-Satriani
    • Mk VII [or Mk IX] - Gillan-Glover-Lord-Morse-Paice

    Scandinavia 1968 Parts of Deep Purple's first Scandinavian tour ever, during April 1968, was obviously video recorded. An edited clip of the track "Help" (recorded in Denmark) was shown at the Deep Purple Convention in June 1995, but this seems to be all that remains of these recordings. Playboy After Dark Deep Purple were video recorded sometime during 1968 at Hugh Heffner's Playboy Club in New York, where they performed "And the Address" and "Hush", of which the latter is available officially on the video rockumentary Heavy Metal Pioneersfrom Warner Music Vision (1991); see also further below on this. Top Gear A radio show recorded on 18th June 1968 and aired on the 30th. DP did "Hush", "One More Rainy Day" and "Help". David Symond's Show Another radio show recorded on 25th June 1968. Tracks done were: "Hush" (aired on 1st July), "Kentucky Woman" (aired on 2nd July), "One More Rainy Day" (aired on 3rd July) and "It's All Over Now" (aired on 4th July). BBC Radio Deep Purple appeare...

    BBC Radio The BBC seem to have recorded a live gig on 7th July 1969. Mk II's first official gig ever? Radio Bremen Radio Bremen apparently recorded a DP gig on 2nd August 1969. Bilzen Pop Festival Half an hour edit from an early Mk II concert apparently exists, which was recorded at the Bilzen Pop Festival in Belgium during August 1969. (It was shown at the DP Convention, June 1995.) Symonds on Sunday A small set recorded for British radio on 11th August 1969 and aired on 17th. Tracks: "Ricochet" and "Bird Has Flown". Stuart Henry Show A BBC radio show recorded on 29th August 1969 and aired on 7th September. Tracks: "Kneel & Pray" and "Child In Time". Dave Cash Show A BBC radio show was recorded during late August 1969. Tracks: "And The Address" (aired on 13th October), "The Painter" (aired on 15th Oct.), "Child In Time" (aired on 15th Oct.), "Kneel & Pray" (aired on 16th Oct.) and "The Bird Has Flown" (aired on 17th Oct.). Concerto for Group and Orchestra Lord's Concerto was perfor...

    California Jam A complete show was video recorded by/for ABC TV on 6th April 1974, when Deep Purple headed the California Jam at Ontario Motor Speedway, near Los Angeles CA. The complete gig is available on the video California Jam(ABC-TV, 198?). An edited version of this, with "Lay Down Stay Down" lacking, is available on a later rerelease from Connoisseur Collection (1991). BBC In Concert BBC audio recorded a complete concert on 22nd May 1974, which was later aired... er, when? The entire gig, minus "Space Truckin'", has been released as Live In London(EMI 1982). A complete release is apparently on its way.

    Deep Purple Rises over Japan At least something from Deep Purple's Japan tour during December 1975 was recorded. Five tracks have been released officially on the video Deep Purple Rises over Japanfrom Warner Japan (1976?). King Biscuit Flower Hour King Biscuit Flower Hour audio recorded parts of a concert in Springfield MA on 26th January 1976. This was originally aimed for a radio broadcast but it was eventually deemed unsuitable (du to bad mixing and whetever else) - edited stuff from these recordings later surfaced on various bootlegs. King Biscuit Flower Hour thus recorded another gig at the Long Beach Arena on 27th February 1976, which was later aired (when?). Moreover, the latter recording has recently been released as On the Wings of a Russian Foxbat in Europe (Connoisseur Collection 1995) and as King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents: Deep Purple in Concertin the States (... 1995).

    Live in Sydney A complete show (or so I'm told) was video recorded during December 1984 in Sydney (Australia). Parts of this was used in the promo video for "Knocking at Your Back Door". Entertainment Tonight [a US TV show] All Purple members except... guess who? Anyway, they were interviewed by some Mary Hart on US TV during January 1985. The programme also included cuts from earlier DP videos, incl. a cut with "Into the Fire". Live in Providence Two shows were video recorded on 3rd/4th March 1985 in Providence RI (USA), 3rd/4th March 1985. One of these was recorded in it's entirity (by MTV). Parts from these recordings were used in the promo video for "Nobody's Home". Unfortunately though, they can't be released due to some legalities. Much Music [a Canadian TV show] During the Canadian leg of the reunion tour (March 1985), Deep Purple were interviewed on some Canadian TV show. Contains no music as far as I know. Live in Paris Two shows were video recorded by German TV on 8th/9th...

    Live in Ostrava The tour opening gig from Ostrava (Czeckoslovakia) on 29th January 1991 was video recorded by Czeck TV and aired the following week on 4th February 1991 Live in Israel A complete gig from Israel (Tel Aviv?) done during October 1991 was video recorded by Israeli TV... but has it ever been aired?

    Metallmagasinet A 1/2 hour documentary by Anders Tegnér on Deep Purple with interviews and snippets from the rehearsals to the 1993 Battle-tour. It was aired on Scandinavian Z-TV sometime during late 1993. MTV's Headbanger's Ball MTV apparently recorded some bits from the tour rehearsals in Austria (September 1993) and aired on Headbanger's Ballduring October 1993. Featured tracks - or rather bits thereof - included "Anya", "A Twist In The Tale" & "The Battle Rages On",. Come Hell or High Water An almost complete show from Birmingham (UK), recorded on 9th November 1993, is available on the video Come Hell Or High Water(BMG 1994).

    Italian boots Apparently, some nice (and some not so nice) boot videos from Italy exist. Austrian Radio A complete concert was audio recorded during the spring of 1994 in Graz and aired live on Austrian radio.

    Deep Purple Unplugged An live unplugged four-piece was audio recorded for a South African radio programme during February 1995. Live in Korea A live show - or parts thereof - was video recorded from the Korean tour; it was aired on Korean TV. Live in Bombay A complete show (hopefully for future official release) was video recorded in Bombay (India) on 8th April 1995. Moscow Nights A complete show in Moscow was videoed by Russian TV on 23rd June 1996, and subsequently aired in two parts during August that same year. Die Harald Schmidt Show DP appeared on a German TV show performing "Smoke On The Water" and "Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic". The show ended in the middle of the latter track.

    • Deep Purple Mark I
    • Deep Purple Mark II
    • Deep Purple Mark III
    • Deep Purple Mark IV
    • Deep Purple Mark II Reformed
    • Deep Purple Mark V
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    • Deep Purple Mark Vi
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    Formed by drummer Chris Curtis2as 'Roundabout' in 1967, the years during the band's original line-up - with keyboardist Jon Lord, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, Nick Simper on bass, vocalist Rod Evans and drummer Ian Paice - are poorly represented among live releases. Although they toured to support each of their three releases, no official live recordings were made. Their set seems to have been heavily based around cover versions and instrumentals featuring lengthy improvised solos from each of the band members, including of course their breakthrough version of 'Hush'. A single live album, Live at Inglewood, has since been released based on a bootlegged show. In this instance, the sound was taken from a failed attempt to video the show. This was Deep Purple's first ever show in the USA (discounting a prestigious TV appearance a few days earlier), supporting Cream. According to rock legend, Purple were promptly dropped as Cream's support act after proving more popular than the headlin...

    Not surprisingly, the 'classic' line-up - featuring singer Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover, alongside original members Blackmore, Lord and Paice - has the greatest number of live releases. Technically the two orchestral albums, Concerto for Group and Orchestra and The Gemini Suite, fall into this category; the former is available in an Anniversary edition with all three songs played by the band prior to the Concerto (earlier CD releases have two live tracks, the original vinyl none). Keyboardist Jon Lord has also recorded a studio version of the Gemini Suite and a variant known as Windowsas solo projects. The Mark II line-up toured prior to the release of their first album, In Rock, using a set-list similar to the Mark I line-up. This is captured on Live in Montreux 1969 (aka Kneel & Pray), which also features very early versions of 'Child in Time' and 'Speed King'3. The first disc of In Concertis also taken from this time: a special concert at the BBC studios, the audience is u...

    The two albums released by the Mark III line-up - featuring David Coverdale on vocals, who replaced Gillan in 1973 - each had world tours to support them. Deep Purple played a number of US dates, of which two different recordings have been released: California Jamming (aka Just Might Take Your Life, aka Live At The Ontario Speedway 1974) and San Diego 74 (also known under the somewhat unlikely title of Perks & Tit).If buying California Jamming, ensure you get the 2003 re-issue which includes the complete set; earlier versions omit 'Lay Down, Stay Down'. Although the re-issue is officially called Just Might Take Your Life4, it features the text Live at the Ontario Speedway prominently on the cover, and is often known by this title. The sound quality is slightly substandard on all versions, but improved on the reissue. San Diego 74is said to be the better of the two concerts, recorded just days apart, but sadly the original master recordings are incomplete and two tracks (totalling ar...

    Although not concert releases, the two volumes of recorded rehearsals and jamming sessions - Days May Come And Days May Go and 1420 Beachwood Drive- are sometimes counted as live albums. It was during the Mark IV tour that the 'funkier' direction of the Mark III studio albums began to make itself heard on stage. The final live release 'first time round' was Last Concert in Japan, which spectacularly cemented the Mk IV line-up's reputation as a musical disaster. The night chosen for recording, new guitarist Tommy Bolin had paralysed his chord arm by injecting drugs, which did nothing to detract from the general drug and personality issues that were affecting the band's performances throughout the tour. This was an edited version of the show; the entire set was later released with better sound quality under the altered title This Time Around: Live in Tokyo5. The revised version is listenable, but even Lord's playing seems uninspired - all he can manage for a solo is to play around wit...

    When the band reformed in 1984, it wasn't long before they felt the need to put out more live material. From here on, the thirty minute epic jams were dropped from the set to allow more songs to be included. Their only UK show on their reunion tour was headlining Knebworth, duly issued (minus a couple of tracks where the BBC recording equipment had technical trouble) as In The Absence Of Pink: Knebworth 85, featuring material from their comeback album. The tour supporting their next album has also been recorded and released as Nobody's Perfect, though this consists of recordings from several dates, something Purple fans seem to frown upon these days.

    One of the biggest frustrations to collectors is the complete absence of any official live material featuring Joe Lynn Turner on vocals. Derided by many fans at the time as too reminiscent of Rainbow, the band seem to be deliberately avoiding releasing such material. If you wish to hear what they sounded like, you will need to resort to the bootleg market.

    Once regular singer Ian Gillan was back in the fold, Purple embarked on a 25th Anniversary tour. Two dates were recorded and released in their entirety as a boxed set, Live in Europe 1993, and a DVD, Come Hell Or High Water, before being re-released individually a few years later as Live in Stuttgart 1993 and Live at the NEC 1993. The latter title caused some controversy when Gillan slated it as one of the band's worst and advised fans not to buy it, causing the record label to delete it. For those who wish to ignore his advice, there is no musical difference between buying the boxed set and obtaining the two concerts separately. You get a pretty cardboard box if you buy them packaged together. The energy and dynamism of the Stuttgart show more than makes up for the absence of extended on-stage jams, and the newer tracks stand up surprisingly well to the older classics. In fact, this is one of Purple's strongest live offerings. For the most part the Birmingham show is quite good, if...

    Joe Satriani's brief stint as guitarist is another disappointingly unreleased era. This is likely due to the same contractual difficulties as prevented him from writing studio material with them, since he did perform a full tour.

    Once Steve Morse was installed as new guitarist, Purple launched 'secret' tours of Mexico and the USA. They also toured Africa and Asia prior to the release of Purpendicular. The supporting tour for this latest album was recorded at two locations for Live at the Olympia 96 and Live at Montreux 1996 (also available as a DVD of the same name; the CD does not contain all the tracks available on the DVD). A little-known European album called Live Encounters....also came out of this tour, though release was restricted to Eastern Europe and many mistakenly believe this to be an unofficial bootleg. Purple's tour to support their next studio album, Abandon, resulted in the Total Abandon: Australia '99 CD and DVD. They then took a hiatus to resurrect their Concerto, firstly as a one-off Live at the Royal Albert Hall (aka Live With the LSO). They then toured again, mixing their 'usual' set with performances of rare tracks, centring on the Concerto. The 'unusual' version features on Live at th...

    With the retirement of Jon Lord, the band toured again to support their Bananas album and introduce new keyboardist Don Airey. No recordings of this have been released, but their subsequent (and latest) tour has produced a third in their increasing regular series of live albums from Montreux, Live at Montreux 2006: They All Came Down To Montreux(also available as a 2-DVD set with a complete second concert from the next day, and restoring a missing track). As a final note, a live compilation Space Truckin' Around the World 68-76was released in 2010. This contains no previously unreleased material.

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