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    • Yes, It’s Expensive to Live Here. You’ve most likely heard about how expensive it is to live in the Bay Area. But just how outrageous is the cost of living in San Francisco?
    • Job Opportunities Continue to Grow. Why would people move to San Francisco if it’s so expensive to live there? The Bay Area is home to renowned Silicon Valley tech companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Salesforce, all of which have been recognized as some of the best tech companies to work for in the U.S. In 2018 alone, the tech workforce in the state of California grew by 51,500 jobs—most of which were in Silicon Valley—helping the SF metro to outpace tech growth in larger cities like NYC and Los Angeles.
    • It’s Called “Fog City” for a Reason. With moist winters, dry summers, and an average temperature around 60 degrees, the City by the Bay has a mild, coastal climate similar to that of the Mediterranean region, making it an ideal home for outdoor enthusiasts.
    • Home to the Famous Golden Gate Bridge. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of San Francisco? Most likely, it’s the Golden Gate Bridge, thanks to its frequent appearance in popular films and TV shows like X-Men: The Last Stand and Full House.
  1. Nov 01, 2021 · There's no shortage of reasons to move to San Francisco.With a prosperous housing market, economic growth, and plenty of sports teams, San Francisco is booming. The walkable nature of the beautiful city, the draw of warm west coast living, and the opportunity for outdoor adventures, all make San Francisco one of the most sought-after locales in the US.

  2. Nov 18, 2021 · Pros and Cons of Living in San Francisco. November 18, 2021 by Admin. European settlers have been relocating to San Francisco from the 19 th century. By 1870 the first cable cars were operative in the city and provided public transportation. At this time the population had grown to 150 000.

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    Currently, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco is $2,792 per month. Of course, prices vary widely depending on which neighborhood you live in and which amenities you have. Homes are also expensive in San Francisco, which explains why more than half of the residents rent their properties. If you follow the 30% rule,which says that your rent shouldn’t be more than 30% of your gross monthly salary, you would need to make at least $8,376 per month to afford the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment. If you don’t make that much money, you can still live in San Francisco, but you’ll just need to look around in areas that are a bit more affordable. Calculating your budget with a higher cost of livingis also a smart way to be prepared for the move. Looking for areas that are cheaper than others? We’ve mapped the most affordable San Francisco neighborhoods, some of which include Inner Richmond, Outer Richmond, and Outer Sunset.

    Fuel and auto insurance costs are higher than the national average in San Francisco, coming in at $2,257 per yearversus the national annual average of $1,548. Additionally, traffic congestion levels are third in the nation, following New York City and Los Angeles. Most of the city is well-connected to buses and trains. There are a few bus and train systems that run in the city and across the Bay Area: BART, Muni, and Caltrain. If you’ll be using public transportation, you can opt for a Clipper Card, which is an all-in-one metro card for all three systems and sometimes provides discounts. Muni is the city’s transportation system, consisting of bus and light rail lines, and historic cable cars and streetcars. A single ride is $2.50, a 7-day pass is $41, and a monthly pass is $81. You can purchase a monthly pass that includes Muni and BART stops just within San Francisco city limits, for $98. The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train system runs through a portion of San Francisco and acr...

    Though San Franciscans pay higher-than-average rent, their utility costs are relatively low. Since the climate is pleasant throughout the year, residents don’t have to run their air conditioning or heating systems much. For a 900-square-foot apartment, the average utility total comes in at$154 per month, including electricity, gas, water, and trash pickup. Some landlords cover certain utilities, such as water and trash, while others will have the renter pay all utilities based on usage.

    Groceries and food factor into the overall cost of living in San Francisco. The prices for groceries are higher than in other parts of the country and even California. According to Numbeo, a gallon of milk costs an average of $4.74, while a dozen eggs cost $3.97 on average. The typical household in the city spends about $430 per month on groceries, which comes out to just over $5,000 per year. The number of people in your household, your eating habits, and how often you eat out will factor into the grocery bill. Since San Francisco is home to thousands of restaurants serving a wide range of cuisine, many residents enjoy dining out. Depending on the restaurant, two people could spend anywhere from $20 to $200 or more on meals. For example, the Little Italy classic restaurant, Tosca, charges $28 for a plate of pasta, and $15 for a cocktail. Depending on your appetite and the amount of people in your party, you could spend $100 on a meal.

    The base sales tax in California is 7.25%, one of the highest in the nation. The lowest combined sales tax is 8.5%, which includes city, county, and state taxes. There’s a progressive income tax in California, ranging from 1% to 13.3%. This progressive tax is broken down into 10 brackets, with lower earners paying a lower tax rate. The property tax rate is around 0.73%.

    San Francisco is close to a number of National Parks, areas of natural beauty, and wine country. If you like to hike or explore the outdoors, you’ll want to factor in the costs of weekend excursions to surrounding areas, including admissions to state and national parks, hiking books, camping gear, or whatever else you’ll need for an outdoor adventure.

    San Francisco has a very healthy job market, thanks in part to the booming tech industries in Silicon Valley. Another large sector in the job market is tourism, with business and finance not far behind. The national average salary in San Francisco is $75,890, compared to $53,490 nationally. A few companies based in San Francisco include: 1. Twitter 2. Uber 3. Lyft 4. Airbnb 5. Wells Fargo 6. Gap 7. Williams-Sonoma 8. Charles Schwab 9. Visa 10. Levi Strauss & Co

    With tourism as one of San Francisco’s top industries, you know there’s plenty to see and do in The Golden City. Options, and average pricing, include: 1. Alcatraz Island: Ticket prices vary, from $25-$41 2. Exploratorium: Adults will pay about $30 for entry, and the price for a child’s ticket depends on age and varies between $20-$25 3. Walt Disney Family Museum: Admission for adults is $25, and for kids aged 6-17, $15 4. California Academy of Sciences:Day and time of entry impact admission prices. You can expect to pay between $30-$40 per ticket 5. Cable Cars: $8 for a single ride 6. Parks: From Golden Gate Park and Mission Dolores to the Presidio and Twin Peaks, you can stroll through the city’s green spaces or go on urban hikes for free As you plan tomove to San Francisco, be prepared for the cost of living and what to expect so you can budget accordingly. Search thousands ofSan Francisco apartments for rent on Zumper and find your new home.

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  3. Nov 05, 2021 · SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) — Due to recent rain and stormy weather conditions, city officials on Friday said the city will open a new temporary lot for people living in their vehicles to safely reside ...

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