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    Lizzie Andrew Borden was born July 19, 1860, in Fall River, Massachusetts, to Sarah Anthony (née Morse; 1823–1863) and Andrew Jackson Borden (1822–1892). Her father, who was of English and Welsh descent, grew up in very modest surroundings and struggled financially as a young man, despite being the descendant of wealthy and influential local residents.

    • Suspected homicide
    • Emma Borden (sister), Abby Borden (stepmother), John Morse (maternal uncle)
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    Jun 18, 2020 · Lizzie Borden is best known for her arrest and trial for the 1892 ax murders of her father and stepmother. She was acquitted in 1893. Who Was Lizzie Borden? On August 4, 1892, Andrew and Abby...

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    Lizzie Borden, in full Lizzie Andrew Borden, (born July 19, 1860, Fall River, Massachusetts, U.S.—died June 1, 1927, Fall River), American woman suspected of murdering her stepmother and father in 1892; her trial became a national sensation in the United States.

  4. 10 Little-known Facts About Lizzie Borden | Crime History ... › crimefeed › crime
    • The Lineup
    • Abby Borden was Lizzie’s stepmother, not her mother. Lizzie’s biological mother, Sarah Borden — also mother to Lizzie’s older sister, Emma — died in 1863.
    • Andrew Borden was not a well-liked man. Andrew was a notable penny-pincher: despite his considerable wealth, the Bordens lived in a comparably small home, with no indoor plumbing on the ground and second floors, and only one maid.
    • The jump-rope rhyme got the number of whacks wrong. The coroner said that Abby Borden was given 19 whacks, not 40, as the rhyme suggests. Andrew was taken out by only 10 or 11.
    • The Borden’s maid was in the house when the murders took place … … and, inexplicably, she was never investigated—though she was called to testify against Lizzie.
  5. Was Lizzie Borden a notorious killer or wrongly accused ... › news › lizzie-borden-accused

    Despite being acquitted of double murder, time and popular culture have forever cast Lizzie Borden as one of America's most notorious killers. Did she do it or not? "48 Hours" re-examines the case....

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    • Erin Moriarty
  6. Lizzie Borden case: Menstruation or murder — Did a suspect ... › news › lizzie-borden-case-blood

    Dec 22, 2020 · The suspect in question is Lizzie Borden. On the morning of August 4, 1892, Lizzie's father Andrew Borden and her stepmother Abby were found murdered in the family home in Fall River,...

  7. Biography of Lizzie Borden, Accused Murderer › lizzie-borden-biography-3528719

    May 24, 2019 · Lizzie Borden (July 19, 1860–June 1, 1927), also known as Lizbeth Borden or Lizzie Andrew Borden, is famous—or infamous—for allegedly murdering her father and stepmother in 1892. She was acquitted, but the murders are memorialized in a children's rhyme: Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks

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    Welcome to the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast / Museum This is the original house where the 1892 brutal, double murders had taken place. Where Andrew and Abby Borden were found on that ghastly August 4th morning in Fall River, Massachusetts.

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