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  1. A local area network (LAN) is a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area such as a residence, school, laboratory, university campus or office building. By contrast, a wide area network (WAN) not only covers a larger geographic distance, but also generally involves leased telecommunication circuits.

  2. Aug 31, 1996 · A local-area network (LAN) is a computer network that spans a relatively small area. Most often, a LAN is confined to a single room, building or group of buildings, however, one LAN can be connected to other LANs over any distance via telephone lines and radio waves.

  3. Mar 30, 2018 · A local area network (LAN) is a computer network within a small geographical area such as a home, school, computer laboratory, office building or group of buildings. A LAN is composed of inter-connected workstations and personal computers which are each capable of accessing and sharing data and devices, such as printers, scanners and data ...

  4. Ein Local Area Network (englische Aussprache [ləʊkl ˈɛəɹɪə ˈnɛtwɜːk], zu Deutsch lokales oder örtliches Netzwerk), kurz LAN, ist ein Rechnernetz, das die Ausdehnung von Personal Area Networks übertrifft, die Ausdehnung von Metropolitan Area Networks, Wide Area Networks und Global Area Networks aber nicht erreicht.

  5. A local area network (LAN) is a collection of devices connected together in one physical location, such as a building, office, or home. A LAN can be small or large, ranging from a home network with one user to an enterprise network with thousands of users and devices in an office or school.

  6. crossover cable: A crossover cable is a cable that is used to interconnect two computers by "crossing over" (reversing) their respective pin contacts. Either an RS-232C or a telephone jack connection is possible. A crossover cable is sometimes known as a null modem . Possible reasons to connect two computers directly to each other include:

  7. Local Area Network (též LAN, lokální síť, místní síť) označuje počítačovou síť, která pokrývá malé geografické území (např. domácnosti, malé firmy). Přenosové rychlosti jsou vysoké, řádově Gb/s.

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