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  1. In 2008, the City of London accounted for 4% of UK GDP. London is the world's greatest foreign exchange market, with much of the trade conducted in the City of London. Of the $3.98 trillion daily global turnover, as measured in 2007, trading in London accounted for around $1.36 trillion, or 34.1% of the total.

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    Editathon at the British Library, London Date 09.30-17.00, Friday 14 and Saturday 15th January, 2011 Description An editathon at the British Library - with the help of the contents and curators of the British Library, go mad editing Wikipedia to celebrate its 10th birthday. Full details are on the Wikimedia UK wiki at wmuk:Editathon, British ...

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    Edward I gave permission to rebuild London's city wall, which lay between the river and Ludgate Hill, around their area. The site was used for great occasions of state, including meetings of Parliament and the Privy Council , state visits, such as of Emperor Charles V in 1522, as well as the location for a divorce hearing in 1529 of Catherine ...

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    An London (o Londres) an ulohan ngan gidakoi nga syudad ha England ngan United Kingdom. [3] [4] Ini nga syudad natindog ha may Salog Tamesis ha salatan-sinirangan nga dapit han England, ha tumoy han 50-milya (80 km) estero pangadto ha Dagat Amihanan .

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    Jack London's mother, Flora Wellman, was the fifth and youngest child of Pennsylvania Canal builder Marshall Wellman and his first wife, Eleanor Garrett Jones. Marshall Wellman was descended from Thomas Wellman, an early Puritan settler in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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    London er hovudstaden i Storbritannia og er ein storby som ligg sør i England ved elva Themsen.London er ein av dei største byane i Europa, har ei historie som strekkjer seg to tusenår attende, og har i løpet av den tida vore senter for fenomen som renessansen og den industrielle revolusjonen.

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    London tassaavoq Tuluit Nunaanni illoqarfiit pingaarnersaat aamma tuluit nunaanni illoqarfinni inuttunerpaaq. Illoqarfiup ilua killeqarfigivai qanga ukiuni akullerni killeqarfigineqartartut, kisianni 1800-jukkut ingerlaneranni illoqarfik suli annertusiartornerulersimavoq.

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    London. 2003 ISBN 82-430-0250-2; Richard Collier. Byen som ikke ville dø. 1960 (Om andre verdenskrig) Richard Herrmann. Paradisveien. 1968 ISBN 82-02-10702-4; Richard Herrmann. Bak den svarte døren : Historie, mennesker og politikk i Downing Street. 1970; Richard Herrmann. Mine gleders by : historien om London gjennom to tusen år. 1983 ISBN ...

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    La London School of Economics es considerada la institución líder mundial en la investigación y desarrollo en ciencias sociales [232] y la London Business School está entre las mejores escuelas de negocio, pues su programa MBA fue considerado el mejor del mundo por la revista Financial Times. [233]

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    London – miasto w stanie Kentucky, w hrabstwie Laurel; London – miasto w stanie Ohio, w hrabstwie Madison; Gminy w Stanach Zjednoczonych: London (ang. London Township) – gmina w stanie Kansas, w hrabstwie Sumner; London (ang. London Township) – gmina w stanie Michigan, w hrabstwie Monroe; London (ang.

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