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    London môže byť: . anglický, pôvodný názov pre Londýn; v Kanade London (Ontário) v USA London (Arkansas) London (Kalifornia) London (Kentucky) London (Minnesota) London (Ohio)

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  3. Greater London is an administrative district. It covers London, England. About 7.5 million people live there. It is also one of the regions of England used by the Government for various purposes, including administration and statistics. Greater London is a conurbation, a

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    London, album by Greater Than One 1989; London, album by D'Influence 1997; London '66–'67, EP by Pink Floyd; London, EP by Radio Boy 1999; London, EP by Banks (singer) 2013; London, EP by DJ SS; Songs "London" (Pet Shop Boys song), 2002 "London", a 1986 song by Queensrÿche from Rage for Order "London", a 1987 song by The Smiths from Louder ...

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    Transport for London (TfL) is a local government body responsible for the transport system in Greater London, England.. TfL has responsibility for London's network of principal road routes, for various rail networks including the London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railway and TfL Rail.

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    East London is a popularly and informally defined part of London, capital of the United Kingdom. By most definitions, it is east of the ancient City of London and north of the River Thames . It broadly comprises the London boroughs of Barking and Dagenham , Hackney , Havering , Newham , Redbridge , Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest .

  8. The Tower of London has a collection of ravens, large black birds of the Crow family. They are taken care of by the staff who work there. The ravens' wing feathers are kept short so they cannot fly away. This is because a legend (story) says that if the ravens leave the Tower, the Tower and the Kingdom will fall.

  9. London Bridge is a bridge over the River Thames. It is in central London, and connects the City of London with Southwark. It is between Cannon Street Railway Bridge and Tower Bridge. On the south side of the bridge are Southwark Cathedral and London Bridge station. On the north side are the Monument to the Great Fire of London and Monument tube ...

  10. The Shard (also referred to as the Shard of Glass, Shard London Bridge or the London Bridge Tower) is a high-rise building in Southwark, London. The Shard was built in July 2012. It is 309.6 metres (1,016 ft) high. It is the tallest building in the European Union, and 96th tallest in the world.

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