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    Is Netflix’s Top 10 worth watching?

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    What are the most popular shows on Netflix Right Now?

  2. Mar 15, 2021 · Longest Running Series on NETFLIX That Are Worth The Obsession Greys Anatomy. All hail the first show on our list today “Grey’s Anatomy”. This series has been around for the longest... Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds aired its final season in the February of last year for good. The show had a good ...

    • Brian Tallerico
    • The 4400. Back in the ‘00s, the USA Network would occasionally take risks that resulted in interesting genre television. The premise here is a great hook—you know all the people who disappeared without a trace over the decades of American history?
    • Altered Carbon. Cyberpunk has never been cooler on TV than in this two-season wonder from Netflix’s original series department. Joel Kinnaman carries the first season of the story of a universe in which people can wear bodies like putting a new suit, and then he passes the twisted baton to Anthony Mackie for season two.
    • American Crime Story. Both iterations of Ryan Murphy’s hit crime anthology series — The People vs. OJ Simpson and The Assassination of Gianni Versace — are available on Netflix.
    • American Horror Story. The multiple seasons of FX’s hit show have been a rollercoaster in terms of quality but just strap in and enjoy the ride. The latest outing (Apocalypse) isn’t quite on here yet but should be before the newest iteration premieres.
    • Daniel Kurland
    • Skip: Outer Banks Turns Up The Heat In Teen Dramas. There are many steamy teen dramas that rotate back and forth between being the next big television obsession.
    • Worth Watching: Narcos: Mexico Moves The Location And Turns Up The Drama. Originally set to be the fourth season of the popular Narcos Netflix series, the series instead decided to shift plans and give this parallel idea its very own series.
    • Worth Watching: Waco Is A Strong Look At An Unbelievable Story. The public's fascination with brainwashing cults is only becoming more intense and Waco is one of the better examples of a series that properly taps into the total dread and manipulation of something as invasive as a cult.
    • Skip: Love Is Blind Takes An Unconventional Approach To Dating. There are all sorts of reality competition shows that indulge in ridiculous premises that are meant to get a reaction and Love is Blind fits perfectly into the mold.
  3. Aug 27, 2018 · Another long-running series, this one is the best leisure time activity for those who are into political drama or political crime-fiction stuff. An absolutely enthralling, extremely fascinating and flawlessly produced series, House of cards makes sure that your time doesn’t go wasted. Do you have any favourites from Netflix?

    • Archer. If you think that James Bond meets early-2000s Adult Swim (we’re talking Space Ghost and Sea Lab 2021-era) sounds like your cup o’ tea, then Archer is going to be right up your alley.
    • Arrested Development. In real life, family disfunction is generally no laughing matter. In the case of Arrested Development, however, it’s the cherry on top of the cake.
    • Band of Brothers. Set in Europe during WWII, this HBO series chronicles the missions and members of Easy Company – the 506th Regiment of the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division.
    • Bored To Death. Certainly an oddity when it compared to the more mainstream shows on our list, Bored To Death is no less a captivating, albeit goofy comedic television show – which is perhaps no better explained than by listing the three cast leads: Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson.
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