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      • With over 648,769 bytes, the page is now the longest ever on Wikipedia. The longest Wikipedia article is Joe Biden’s 2020 endorsements The article features hundreds of campaign endorsements from both political figures and familiar faces within entertainment.
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    Longest Wikipedia Article. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Redirect to: Special:Longpages This page was last edited on 18 November 2012, at 21:02 (UTC). Text is ...

  3. The longest Wikipedia page has just been updated and it may ... › news › wikipedia-longest-article-2020

    Sep 07, 2020 · The longest Wikipedia page has just been updated and it may surprise you. The longest article is 648,769 bytes long.

    • Rachael Dowd
  4. What is the longest Wikipedia article? - Quora › What-is-the-longest-Wikipedia-article

    As of July 2019, Wikipedia shows that the longest article is Timeline of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections (at 470,019 bytes), followed by Timeline of 1960s counterculture. The longest article that isn’t a list or timeline is Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen (at 443,091 bytes).

  5. The 100 Longest Entries On Wikipedia - BuzzFeed › fjelstud › the-100-longest
    • List of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition monsters.
    • August 2010 in sports.
    • List of RAF aircrew in the Battle of Britain.
    • List of public-access TV stations in the United States.
  6. The 20 Longest Pages on Wikipedia | Mental Floss › 20-longest-pages-wikipedia
    • List of townlands of County Cork ? [511,883 bytes]
    • ?Line of succession to the British throne ? [398,135 bytes]
    • ?List of townlands of County Galway ? [395,127 bytes]
    • ?List of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition monsters ? [388,126 bytes]
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    As of April 2012, the longest article on the English-language Wikipedia is "List of American Civil War Generals (Confederate)", at 469,757 bytes.

  8. Wikipedia reveals the most-detailed 'featured' articles on ... › life-style › gadgets-and
    • Elvis Presley. Unsurprisingly, such a universally-known icon as Elvis easily took the number one spot. Elvis Presley meets Richard Nixon in December 1970.
    • History of Poland (1945-1989) The story of Poland from the end of WWII to the fall of the Iron Curtain is a long and complex one, so it's unsurprising that it has such a mammoth Wikipedia page.
    • The Manhattan Project. At 17,215 words, the article on America's development of the atomic bomb is incredibly complex, covering not only the science behind the weapon, but also the history of its deployment and its cultural impact.
    • The Military History of Puerto Rico. Niche articles about international military history are often neglected on Wikipedia, but the 16,729-word story of Puerto Rico's armed forces is one of the best articles on the site.
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    The oldest article for which there is no break in the history, either because of being changed into a redirect or a lack of surviving revisions, is Nupedia, which has an edit from 00:08, 17 January 2001 (UTC), after a history merge with the old title of "NuPedia" and imports from the Nostalgia Wikipedia and the August 2001 database dump.

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