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  1. The day must come when the nation's whole scale of living must be reduced. If that day comes,Parliament must lay the burden equally on all classes. Lord Randolph Churchill. Class, Burden, Parliament. 3 Copy quote. Ulster will fight, and Ulster will be right. Lord Randolph Churchill. Fighting, Ulster, Home Rule.

  2. To gratify the ambition of an old man in a hurry.“. — Lord Randolph Churchill. Address to the electors of South Paddington, quoted in The Times (21 June 1886), p. 6. The "old man in a hurry" was Liberal Party leader William Ewart Gladstone. Time, Suffering, Business, Peace.

  3. Randolph Churchill Quotes & Sayings. One is forever throwing away substance for shadows. — Lady Randolph Churchill. If you recognize anyone, it does not mean that you like him.We all, for instance, recognize the honourable Member for Ebbw Vale. — Lord Randolph Churchill.

    • “ Ulster will fight, and Ulster will be right.” — Lord Randolph Churchill.
    • “ Commanders and senior officers should die with troops. The honour of the British Empire and the British Army is at stake.” — Lord Randolph Churchill.
    • “ I never could make out what those damned dots meant.” — Lord Randolph Churchill.
    • “ The duty of an Opposition is to oppose.” — Lord Randolph Churchill.
  4. Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill. — 1943 Speech on BBC radio, 21 Mar. Tags: There, finer, investment, community, putting, milk, asset, country, can. Share. Ulster will not be a consenting party.Ulster, attheproper time, will resort to the supreme arbitrament of force; Ulster will fight and Ulster will be right.

  5. Lord Randolph Churchill. Source. Report... I have tried all forms of excitement, from tip-cat to tiger-shooting; all degrees of gambling, from beggar-my-neighbour to Monte Carlo; but have found no gambling like politics, and no excitement like a big division in the House of Commons. Lord Randolph Churchill.

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