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  1. Mar 22, 2021 · The Court of Appeal for this district yesterday ordered reinstatement of a cause of action by a teacher against the Los Angeles Unified School District for failure to accommodate a disability—an adverse physical reaction to a Wi-Fi system—with a concurring justice remarking that under California’s lax pleading standards, a demurrer was improperly sustained, but expressing concern that offbeat disability claims will be encouraged.

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    Apr 07, 2021 · The Port Chicago disaster was a deadly munitions explosion that occurred on July 17, 1944, at the Port Chicago Naval Magazine in Port Chicago, California, United States. Munitions detonated while being loaded onto a cargo vessel bound for the Pacific Theater of Operations , killing 320 sailors and civilians and injuring 390 others.

    • 320 killed, 390 injured
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    6 days ago · A lawsuit filed in an Arizona superior court by Kenneth Allen (Allen v. Arizona Democratic Party) alleged that Obama was not a natural-born citizen because his father "was a resident of Kenya and thus a British citizen". Allen argued that the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Minor v.

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    August 15:At a convention of the National Student Association, veteran organizers Allard K. Lowenstein and Curtis Gans formally launch the Dump Johnson movement—an effort to oppose the renomination of Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson. August 31:Five-day convention of the National Conference for a New Politics opens in Chicago. 3,000 delegates from some 200 left, community, and civil rights groups convene to discuss an electoral strategy for 1968. Some want a third-party slate with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., running for President and peace activist Dr. Benjamin Spock for Vice-president. But the conference breaks up in rancor and division. Leftists who want to be active in a presidential race have nowhere to turn but the Democratic Party. September 23:Allard Lowenstein meets with New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Kennedy declines to run as the candidate of the anti-Johnson movement. (In his search for a candidate, Lowenstein will ask California Congressman Don Edwards, Idah...

    January 2:Dick Gregory, a black comedian who has become active in the civil rights movement, announces that he will organize protests and marches in Chicago before and during the Democratic National Convention to force the City to enact a stronger fair housing ordinance and take other steps to address civil rights issues in Chicago. January 5:Dr. Benjamin Spock and four others are indicted in Boston on federal charges of conspiring to counsel draft evasion. January 21:North Vietnamese troops surround the Khe Sanh combat base and begin a seventy-seven day siege of the 6,000 U.S. Marines stationed there. January 23:North Korea seizes the U.S.S. Pueblo, a Navy intelligence ship which the North Koreans claim had violated their territorial waters. One U.S. sailor is killed and 82 are taken prisoner. January 30:The Tet offensive begins in South Vietnam; Vietcong and North Vietnamese troops strike at targets across South Vietnam, reaching even the grounds of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon. Oft...

    August 22, Thursday:In early morning hours, Dean Johnson, a seventeen-year-old Sioux Indian from South Dakota, apparently in Chicago for the Festival of Life, is shot dead by police on Wells Street. Police say he pulled a gun. A Yippie-organized memorial march is held later in the day. The Democratic party's credentials committee compromises on a challenge to the all-white Georgia delegation. The Georgia delegation votes are to be equally split between a group of delegates headed by Gov. Lester Maddox and another group headed by State Rep. Julian Bond. August 23, Friday:At the Civic Center plaza (located in the Loop and now known as the Daley Center) the Yippies nominate their presidential contender—Pigasus the pig. Seven Yippies and the pig are arrested. Illinois National Guardsman and special Chicago platoons practice riot-control drills. At Fort Hood, Texas 3,000 soldiers are mobilized for riot-control duty in Chicago; about one hundred soldiers hold an all-night demonstration an...

    January 19-20:A counterinagural protest, called by the Mobe and organized primarily by David Dellinger and Rennie Davis, is held in Washington, DC. 10,000 attend a rally on January 19 and several thousand chant slogans and wave signs during the January 20 inaugural parade. February 26:Thirteen individuals, including five who were convention delegates from New York, go on trial in Cook County Circuit Court on disorderly conduct charges related to the delegate-led attempt to march to the International Amphitheatre on Thursday, August 29. The trial takes 26 days—a record for disorderly conduct charges—and all the defendants are found guilty on April 14. March 20:Rennie Davis, David Dellinger, John Froines, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Bobby Seale, and Lee Weiner are indicted on Federal charges of conspiring to cross state lines “with the intent to incite, organize, promote, encourage, participate in, and carry out a riot.” Six defendants—Dellinger, Hayden, Davis, Hoffman, Ru...

    February 18:The jury reaches a verdict and the Chicago 7 conspiracy trial ends. All the defendants are acquitted on conspiracy charges. Froines and Weiner are acquitted on all charges. Davis, Dellinger, Hayden, Hoffman, and Rubin are each convicted of individually crossing state lines with the intent of inciting a riot; each is sentenced to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Judge Hoffman cites all the defendants—plus their lawyers William Kunstler and Leonard Weinglass—for numerous contempts of court and imposes sentences ranging from 2½ months to four years. Defendants are freed on bail pending an appeal. March 6:Three members of Weathermen are killed when a bomb they are building in a New York townhouse explodes. April 30:Three divisions of American troops cross the border from Vietnam into Cambodia to destroy enemy camps and supplies. Student strikes shut down hundreds of college campuses in the U.S. over the next few days. May 4:Four students are killed and nine injured by...

    March 8:Eight Philadelphia-area peace activists break into an FBI office in Media, PA, and take thousands of documents, some of which they copy and send to newspaper reporters. The break-in provides the first solid documentation of the FBI’s spying on antiwar groups and the COINTELPRO operation intended to disrupt antiwar activities. March 29:U.S. Army Lieutenant William Calley is found guilty of 22 murders in the My Lai massacre and sentenced to life in prison. (Twenty-six officers and soldiers, including Calley’s immediate superior officer, Captain Ernest Medina, were initially charged in connection with their actions at My Lai, but Calley is the only one convicted. Calley’s sentence was later reduced and he served less than four years.) April 19:In Washington D.C. two weeks of anti-war activities begins. Vietnam Veterans Against the War rallies and returns medals on the steps of the Capitol in Operation Dewey Canyon III. April 24:200,000 attend an anti-war rally at the Capitol bu...

    January 27:The Republican Party anticipates antiwar demonstrators at its 1972 convention and is determined not to have a replay of Chicago ‘68. G. Gordon Liddy submits a plan to counter anti-war demonstrations at the convention, to be held in Miami Beach in August. The plan, Operation Diamond, includes using paid informants to infiltrate anti-war groups, assembling street-fighting squads to “break up demonstrations before they reach television cameras,” and even abducting protest leaders. Operation Diamond is one component of Liddy’s overall campaign intelligence scheme, Operation Gemstone, which includes wiretapping the offices of Democratic Party officials. February 8:An appeal of the convictions of Dellinger, Hayden, Davis, Hoffman, and Rubin on the individual charges of crossing state lines with the intent to incite a riot is heard by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. February 9:An appeal of the contempt sentences of the Chicago 7 and their attorneys is heard by the 7th Circuit...

    January 4:The U.S. Attorney announces that it will not seek a new trial on the individual counts of Dellinger, Hayden, Davis, Hoffman, and Rubin. January 27:The U.S., North Vietnam, South Vietnam, and the Vietcong sign a ceasefire agreement in Paris. By April the last American combat soldiers have left Vietnam, leaving only military advisers and security forces. October 29:Trial on the contempt citations of the Chicago 7 and their attorneys before Judge Edward T. Gignoux, a U.S. District Court judge from Maine. For the trial, the government reduces the number of contempt charges to 52. Rubin, Hoffman, and Kunstler are found guilty of two contempts each. Dellinger is found guilty of seven contempts. However in consideration of “judicial error, judicial or prosecutorial misconduct, and judicial or prosecutorial provocation” no sentence is imposed.

    July 27-30:The House Judiciary Committee votes three articles of impeachment against President Nixon in connection with the Watergate burglary and other abuses of presidential power. August 9:Facing impeachment and eroding public support, Nixon resigns.

    April 30:The last American personnel in Vietnam leave via helicopter from the roof of the U.S. Embassy as Saigon and South Vietnam fall. Three million Americans served in the war; nearly 58,000 were killed, 150,000 seriously wounded, and over 1,000 are missing in action.

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    6 days ago · What’s funny to me is that we, here in the west, tend to cheer civil disobedience when it’s someone else doing the fighting. For example, only a few short months ago we cheered when the young Hong Kong students boldly protested in the streets against the oppressive Chinese communist regime, and stood toe-to-toe against armed Chinese troops.

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    Mar 26, 2021 · Fulton County says clearing the court system of a COVID-19 backlog will cost $60 million dollars, according to the AJC. Fulton’s courts will face a backlog of roughly 10,000 criminal cases and an unknown amount of civil cases — a logjam that dwarfs other Metro Atlanta counties.

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    Apr 05, 2021 · Certainly, live camera feeds indicate this is the case but, in this day of digital trickery, human eyes are the most reliable source. In any case, the group that controls the Biden psy-ops is definitely the Rockefeller clan and their Swiss handlers, the sources concur. Last Friday MI6 sent the following message:

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    Mar 29, 2021 · march 29////another hedge fund blown up (archegos) which follows last week’s greensill//gold down $20.00 to $1713.90//silver down 34 cents to $24.73//april silver looks like 15.5 million oz will stand and gold: 120 tonnes or so//coronavirus updates//vaccine updates//60 minutes states that the covid 19 virus probably came from wuhan lab//william engdahl..a must read: will a chinese real ...

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    Apr 05, 2021 · Certainly, live camera feeds indicate this is the case but, in this day of digital trickery, human eyes are the most reliable source. In any case, the group that controls the Biden psy-ops is definitely the Rockefeller clan and their Swiss handlers, the sources concur. Last Friday MI6 sent the following message:

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