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  1. Lost & Found (2019) - Rotten Tomatoes - Movie Trailers › m › lost_and_found_2019

    'Lost & Found' is 7 interconnecting stories set in and around a lost & found office of an Irish train station. All segments are inspired by true stories, share a theme of something lost or found ...

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    • comedy
  2. Lost & Found movie review & film summary (1999) | Roger Ebert › reviews › lost-and-found-1999

    "Lost & Found'' is a movie about characters of limited intelligence, who wander through the lonely wastes of ancient and boring formulas. No one involved seems to have had any conviction that it could be great. It's the kind of movie where the hero imitates Neil Diamond --and he's not making fun of him, he's serious.

  3. Lost and Found Movie Review - Common Sense Media › movie-reviews › lost-and

    Luckily for fans of Jeffers' picture books, Lost and Found is a lovely little animated adventure about a boy and the penguin that mysteriously shows up on his doorstep one day. This is ultimately a story about the two main characters' feelings. As in the book, there is no direct dialogue, only narration.

    • Sandie Angulo Chen
  4. Lost and Found movie review & film summary (1979) | Roger Ebert › reviews › lost-and-found-1979

    The Meet Cute in "Lost and Found" has Jackson and Segal running their cars into each other in Switzerland. Once recovered, they Meet Cute again when they run into each other while on skis. Eventually, I guess, they fall in love. I say "I guess" because the actual falling in love stuff is offscreen.

  5. Lost & Found Movie Review: - Neil Danner, Big Picture Big Sound › Lost-Found

    Self-financed by the writer-director-star, "Lost & Found" was filmed over the course of five years in Portarlington, Ireland, with an additional two years for post-production. The film is composed of seven loosely-connected vignettes that tell stories of something either lost or found, usually in the emotional sense.

  6. Lost and Found Movie Review {2.5/5}: Critic Review of Lost ... › entertainment

    Review: The film is a perfect example of a good concept gone wrong; partly due to the technique but mostly due to the lack of awareness about the concept. 'Lost & Found' is a story of people battling loneliness in life. The title makes effective use of word-play.

    • Ruturaj Dhalgade
  7. Movie Short Review: 'Lost & Found' - › movie-short-review-lost-found

    Jan 29, 2019 · Lost & Found- animated short movie review Animated movies come to life when the characters add their special essence. ‘Lost & found’ brings one such lively tale between a knitted dinosaur and a fox. It shows their cute little love story that is unfortunately caught in difficult situations.

  8. Lost and Found - Cinema, Movie, Film Review - › cinema › movie-reviews

    hot over five years 'Lost & Found', written, directed, produced and starring Liam O’Mochain (2011’s 'W.C.'), is an independently produced film on a micro budget. Fair play.

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  9. 'Lost and Found' has good content but lacks realistic approach › review › lost-and-found

    Jul 29, 2016 · Siddharth Chandekar And Spruha Joshi in Marathi movie ‘Lost and Found‘ The volunteers do succeed in their mission of counseling all such people; but in the process, Manas understands Naina better and Naina falls in love with him. Maruti who goes for counseling a young lady ( Tejasvi Patil) suffering from a serious ailment, likes her company.

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