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  1. Lost at Sea (film)

    Lost at Sea (film)

    1926 · Drama · 1h 10m
  1. Lost at Sea: Directed by Steve Sayre. With Steve Sayre, Mark Cuban, Caroline Ambrose, Nick Delon. When one of the top Los Angeles drug lords, Edward Melchetti(GORDON CAPPS, star of Apex) is busted by the D.E.A., he not only gets mad but gets violently even. His first act of vengeance is the kidnapping of the presiding judge's daughter.

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    • Abandon Ship! (1957) Ack. Pity the man — in this case, proto-hunk Tyrone Power — who is left to decide which of the 27 shipwreck survivors stranded on a nine-person lifeboat must be thrown overboard as a massive storm approaches, a storm that would surely swamp the overloaded dinghy if more than a few unfortunate souls aren’t sacrificed by being set adrift in the middle of the Atlantic.
    • Lifeboat (1944) To tweak a tagline of a certain long-running MTV reality show, Alfred Hitchcock’s heralded — and harrowing — adaption of a John Steinbeck survival-at-sea yarn is an exploration of what happens when seven-ish strangers trapped on a tiny lifeboat in the middle of the North Atlantic stop being polite ...
    • The Deep (2012) While “Life of Pi” (see below) managed to make serious waves at the 85th Academy Awards (best director, score, cinematography and visual effects), this engrossing, existentialist stranded-at-sea drama based on the true story of a blessedly blubbery fisherman named Guðlaugur Friðþórsson captured the hearts of Icelandic critics and filmgoers alike and served as that country’s official entry for Best Foreign Language Oscar.
    • The Disappeared (2012) Rough seas, raw skin, rations and lots and lots of rowing. Released in 2012, a big year for lost-at-sea survival films, this Canadian import from director Shandi Mitchell about six men fighting for their lives in the North Atlantic takes a decidedly different approach than its peers, focusing more on storytelling than gimmicks and special effects.
  2. Feb 24, 2023 · It all started with a rescue in the Caribbean Sea. A plane spotted a stranded man who wrote "help" across the hull of his boat. He ended up getting rescued by a container ship.

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  4. Feb 25, 2023 · True, Spain hadn’t bothered recovering it over the course of the past two centuries, but that didn’t mean anyone else could roll in and call dibs. On the other hand, Vorus had a claim over the treasure, as 1) he had salvaged it; and 2) his name was Sterling Vorus.

    • Titanic (1997) “Jack, this is where we first met.” Well, of all the stupid things to say when your ticket to America starts looking like a one-way fare to a watery grave.
    • Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) Peter Weir’s seafaring epic should have made off with a treasure chest of Oscars, but for one pesky detail – it came out in the same year as Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
    • The Hunt for Red October (1990) Sean Connery goes off-mission in an undetectable Soviet sub – the titular Red October – causing the CIA’s Alec Baldwin to give chase… in person.
    • The Boat (1921) Artful out-to-sea comedy from Buster Keaton, who builds a boat in his house without planning how to get it out. The ensuing project to take said vessel (plus wife and two Keaton juniors) to the water leaves the family homeless, carless and barely afloat in a storm.
  5. Jan 1, 2020 · Lost at Sea: Directed by Neal Gavyn. With Becky Brooks, James Dorman, Neal Gavyn, Connor Simkins.

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