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  1. Lost Child (2017) - IMDb › title › tt4681454

    Sep 14, 2018 · Lost Child: Directed by Ramaa Mosley. With Leven Rambin, Jim Parrack, Taylor John Smith, Landon Edwards. An army veteran who returns home to the Ozarks finds an abandoned young boy in the woods, and as she searches for clues to the boy's identity, discovers the local folklore about a spirit, which comes in the form of a child.

    • (776)
    • Leven Rambin, Jim Parrack, Taylor John Smith
    • Ramaa Mosley
    • 2 min
  2. Watch Lost Child | Prime Video › Lost-Child-Leven-Rambin › dp

    An army veteran returns home to find her brother, only to discover a lost boy in the woods behind her home. After taking him in, she discovers local folklore about a lifedraining spirit that comes in the form of a child; the Tatterdemalion.

    • Ramaa Mosley
    • Horror, Thriller
    • Numb
    • Isolated
    • Lack of Intimacy
    • Self-Sacrificing
    • Low Self-Esteem

    The adult who was once a lost child in a dysfunctional family will have trouble feeling emotion. When something negative happens, they will have a hard time feeling sad or the least bit troubled about the situation, even when death occurs. They may also find it difficult to feel happy when good things happen as well. This is primarily because they practiced so much in childhood with hiding their emotions. Hiding their emotions kept them from being noticed when other members of the family were absorbed in drama. Just imagine, having the ability to instantly wipe all emotionfrom your face, and then eventually removing that emotion from the very fabric of your being. It sounds scary, doesn’t it?

    Due to hiding away from stress as a child, the lost child will become an isolated adult. Although some people are natural introverts, the lost child will mimic those qualities. They will shy away from social activities and usually have few friends. Of these few close acquaintances, they will be able to open up a little, but will still tend to be reservedabout their personal lives and true feelings. Some lost children become totally recluse at an old age.

    Unfortunately, many of the lost children in dysfunctional familiesgrow up alone. No matter how many intimate relationships they try to kindle, they all seem to fail. The usual reason for the failure is due to the lack of feelings and overall lack of physical and emotional intimacy. Basically, as children, they did not make connectionsbecause they chose not to get involved with other members of the family. Because of this, as adults, they also aren’t really able to make any connections. Adult relationships, much like childhood ones, fall through and fade away.

    One of the good qualities of the lost child is their selflessness. If the lost child manages to create any relationships as an adult,they will generally sacrifice thingsfor the people that they love. When it comes to choosing between something they want or something for their loved ones, they will always sacrifice themselves. This also comes from being the child in the shadows who never asked for anything and never received that much in return.

    Generally, the lost child will grow to have a ratherlow self-esteem. Although they didn’t really get noticed in a negative way much as a child, they also didn’t receive any praises either. The qualities needed to build a strong good self-esteem were not implemented into their lives while growing up, and so they learned to keep a low profile. Unless they encountered a rather strong personality that cared enough to build them up, they remain a child with low self-image. Whatever this image was translated into an adult with the same character.

  3. The Lost Child: Invisible and Unheard | Louise Behiel › the-third-role-the-lost-child

    Oct 22, 2016 · The Lost Child: Invisible and Unheard. The third of the four roles is the Lost Child. Remember, in a family with an emotionally absent parent, the other parent is focused on the ‘missing’ one. So no one is focused on the children. As a result of their emotional absence, the children learn to cope by adopting certain behavior styles.

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  5. The lost child (TV Movie 2000) - IMDb › title › tt0259403

    Nov 19, 2000 · The lost child: Directed by Karen Arthur. With Mercedes Ruehl, Cristine Rose, Jamey Sheridan, Irene Bedard. An adopted woman tries to track down her family and ends up discovering that she was stolen from her birth mother on a reservation when she was just a little girl.

    • (297)
    • Karen Arthur
    • PG
    • Mercedes Ruehl, Cristine Rose, Jamey Sheridan
  6. Tatterdemalion (2017) - Rotten Tomatoes › m › lost_child_2018

    Though Lost Child does try to strike at a deeper emotional core through its mishmash of tropes, the over-glossed methodology and cheap resonance make the experience ultimately (and thoroughly ...

    • (11)
    • drama, mystery & thriller
  7. The Lost Child - Solutions Recovery › blog › the-lost-child

    Jul 25, 2016 · The lost child may spend time alone to escape the problem. They can experience social difficulties such as imaginary friends, make believe play and may be very shy. The role the lost child sees for themselves is to not add any demands on the family system, be as low maintenance as possible.

  8. Review: Thriller 'Lost Child' chills to the bone - Los ... › entertainment › movies

    Sep 13, 2018 · ‘Lost Child’ Not rated. Running time: 1 hour, 39 minutes Playing: Starts Sept. 14, Laemmle Noho 7, North Hollywood; Sept. 18 on VOD

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