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    The book is a roman à thèse, or a novel with a thesis — which was meant to create a furor over the squalor that was plaguing England's working class cities. Disraeli's novel was made into a silent film called Sybil in 1921, starring Evelyn Brent and Cowley Wright .

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    Lothair outlines his philosophy in a book called The Way of the Light, which becomes popular in these dark times. c. FY 1023 Realizing that it is futile to reestablish Kharendor, Lord Santal Ramoth decides to found a new nation, Amadicia , and is crowned as the first king of the nation.

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    The 9th century was a period from 801 through 900 in accordance with the Julian calendar. The field of algebra was founded by the Muslim polymath Al-Khwarizmi . The most famous Islamic Scholar Ahmad ibn Hanbal was tortured and imprisoned by Abbasid official Ahmad ibn Abi Du'ad during the reign of Abbasid caliph Al-Mu'tasim and caliph al-Wathiq .

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