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  1. Louis II, Duke of Bourbon. Louis de Bourbon, called the Good (4 February 1337 – 10 August 1410), son of Peter de Bourbon [1] and Isabella de Valois (the sister of French King Philip VI ), was the third Duke of Bourbon . Louis inherited the duchy after his father Duke Peter I died at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356.

  2. Louis II, 3e duc de Bourbon, byname Louis the Good, French Louis le Bon, (born 1337—died August 19, 1410), duke of Bourbon (from 1356), count of Clermont and of Forez. He was an ally of Bertrand du Guesclin, the Breton-French hero, and a staunch supporter of John II of France; when John was taken prisoner by the English at Poitiers, Bourbon became one of the hostages delivered to the English ...

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  3. Louis, Duke of Montpensier. Louis de Bourbon, Duc de Montpensier (10 June 1513 – 23 September 1582) [1] was the second Duke of Montpensier, a French Prince of the Blood, military commander and governor. He began his military career during the Italian Wars, and in 1557 was captured after the disastrous battle of Saint-Quentin.

  4. Apr 26, 2022 · from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Louis II of Bourbon, called "the Good" (1337 – 1410, Montlucon) was the third Duke of Bourbon.. Duke Louis is reported to have been mentally somewhat instable, a trait of nervous breakdowns presumably hereditary that showed clearly for example in his sister Joanna of Bourbon, the queen, and already in their father, Duke Peter, and in their grandfather ...

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  6. Aug 10, 2021 · Louis II, Duke de Bourbon, called the Good ( le Bon) was a prince du sang (a prince of the blood). He was the oldest son of Duke Pierre I de Bourbon, and his spouse, Princess Isabelle de Valois, who was the sister of King Philippe VI the Fortunate ( le Fortuné ). Louis’ father died at the Battle of Poitiers of 1356, and then Isabelle took ...

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