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    The authors were Louis II (1506–1526), his elder sister Anne of Bohemia and Hungary (1504–1547, also known as Anna Jagellonica), and his wife, Queen Mary (1505–1558). Letters by Anne that were written in 1520 in Innsbruck involve the problem of her approaching marriage, a topic that is familiar in the secondary literature.

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    Only the courts of Wladislas II, Louis II and the latter's queen, Marie, have gone on record for their choirs set up to perform polyphonic church and secular madrigals after the 1500s. It is interesting that Louis and his queen had separate singers - just as Matthias and Beatrix did in an earlier period.

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    II Cor. 4:16-18. Now I can write and testify to the same with regard to this, that the suffering is light, because it is short; for when all my tortures were over, I do not know that I felt as much pain afterwards as I once suffered for a time from a little ulcer, of which my dear wife well knows, and that I had to bear and found no promise for bearing it.

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    March 1622, and in office until I635. AMICI, GIULIANO DE SCIPIONE (B. D. M., Vol. I, I904, p. 48). Pope Paul II. patronized this Gem-engraver who is known to have engraved his portrait wearing the tiara ('Item per factura et lavoratura d'una Corniola cum la testa di Papa Paulo cum lo regno in testa', E. Muntz, Rev. arch., I878, p. 203).

  7. Ahnentafel of August Georg von Zähringen, Margrave of Baden-Baden 1761-1771 Generation 1 1. August Georg Simpert von Zähringen, Margrave of Baden-Baden born 1706.01.14 in Rastatt, DE baptised as "Augustus Georgius Bernardus Simbertus Joannes Philippus" married 1735.12.07 to Victoire (Maria Victoria Pauline), Princess of Arenberg in Neuhaus, Bohemia (Hradec Jindrichuv, CZ) ruled Baden-Baden ...

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    Emma Darwin to her sister-in-law Mrs Hensleigh Wedgwood. DOWN, Wednesday [20 Oct. 1842]. Thank you, my dearest Fanny, for your sweet, feeling note. Our sorrow is nothing to what it would have been if she had lived longer and suffered more. Charles is well to-day and the funeral over, which he dreaded very much….

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    ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Thanks is given to several people for their advice and help in creating this index. Ernie Thode, Annette Burgert, Marge Kroehler, Ralph Kroehler, Peggy Tegal A special thanks to Dr. John Terence Golden, long time editor of The Palatine Immigrant and creator of the first Decennial Index.

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