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  1. L.C.Geerts

    II Cor. 4:16-18. Now I can write and testify to the same with regard to this, that the suffering is light, because it is short; for when all my tortures were over, I do not know that I felt as much pain afterwards as I once suffered for a time from a little ulcer, of which my dear wife well knows, and that I had to bear and found no promise for ...

  2. Women of History - L

    Laodice II was the the daughter of Prince Andromachus, and was married (c251 BC) to her cousin, Seleucus II Kallinikus (268 – 226 BC) whom she survived as queen mother. She was the mother of kings Seleucus III (c246 – 223 BC) and Antiochus III the Great (244 – 187 BC).

  3. Cross and Crescent

    Only the courts of Wladislas II, Louis II and the latter's queen, Marie, have gone on record for their choirs set up to perform polyphonic church and secular madrigals after the 1500s. It is interesting that Louis and his queen had separate singers - just as Matthias and Beatrix did in an earlier period.

  4. Encyclopedia of Historic Places - SILO.PUB

    Built by Louis IX in 1241, it was connected to the sea by a canal and thus gave the French Crown an outlet to the Mediterranean. The Seventh (1248) and Eighth (1270) Crusades were launched from here in the 13th century by Louis IX, who died during the latter.

  5. A Bit of History WebSite

    Charlotte became the second wife (1670) of Claude de Rouvroy (1607 – 1693), Duc de Saint-Simon, forty years her senior. She became the mother of Louis de Rouvroy, Duc de Saint-Simon, famous for his Memoiresof the court of Louis XIV and the Prince Regent, Philippe II d’Orleans. The Duchesse de Saint-Simon died (Oct 7, 1725) aged seventy-nine.

  6. Ahnentafel of August Georg von Zähringen, Margrave of Baden-Baden 1761-1771 Generation 1 1. August Georg Simpert von Zähringen, Margrave of Baden-Baden born 1706.01.14 in Rastatt, DE baptised as "Augustus Georgius Bernardus Simbertus Joannes Philippus" married 1735.12.07 to Victoire (Maria Victoria Pauline), Princess of Arenberg in Neuhaus, Bohemia (Hradec Jindrichuv, CZ) ruled Baden-Baden ...

  7. Le club du roman historique: juin 2010

    Brieg vers 1780, au coeur de ce qui deviendra le Finistère. Per Briand s'installe à Kerjos, la ferme familiale, et épouse Katell. Cette Cornouaillaise sera l'âme de Per, celle qui écoute, réfute, discute, partage. Celle aussi qui lui donnera sept enfants et dirigera la ferme en son absence.

  8. Conrad Grünenberg's Wappenbuch | Nobility | Avaliação ...

    Friederich II von Sachsen & MGf.Meissen (r.1428-1464). Kruse R 387- 389 (#73), Boulton KC 623. • On 87n/44v a collar of horsebrayes and hearts with a double pendant of Our Lady and Child on a crescent above a swan within a scarf.

  9. The Long Formation of the Region Silesia (c. 1000–1526) by ...

    Since this is a re-edition of a work produced prior to the World War II, see also later works on the subject: Wienfried Irgang, Quellen und Literatur zur mittelalterlichen Geschichte Schlesiens in ...

  10. Index des noms - Free

    Barcelone, Borrel II de (? - 0992) Barcelone, Chimène de (? - 1149) Barcelone, Douce de (? - 1198) Barcelone, Guifred II Borrel I de (? - 0911) Barcelone, Guillaume II de (? - ) Barcelone, Guinidilda de (0897 - 0923) Barcelone, Raymond Borrel III de (0972 - 1018) Barcelone, Raymond-Béranger I de (1023 - 1076) Barcelone, Raymond-Béranger II ...