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    During World War II, the Principality Monaco was a neutral state. It was fiercely contested by Germany and Italy who had mutually opposing and exclusive ideas as to its future. Prince Louis II had been brought up in Germany and was a general in the French army. He played his connections for all they were worth in trying to keep the country afloat.

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    Matilda of Wettin (c1100 – c1145). She was married firstly to Gero, Count of Seeburg (1097 – 1122), and secondly Louis II, Count of Wippra (c1095 – 1151). Ida of Saxony– (1043 – 1102) German princess Princess Ida was the daughter of Ordulf, Duke of Saxony, and his first wife Ulfhilda, the daughter of Olaf II, King of Norway. Ida was ...

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    Auschwitz concentration camp was a network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland during World War II. 3165 relations.

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    Charlotte became the second wife (1670) of Claude de Rouvroy (1607 – 1693), Duc de Saint-Simon, forty years her senior. She became the mother of Louis de Rouvroy, Duc de Saint-Simon, famous for his Memoiresof the court of Louis XIV and the Prince Regent, Philippe II d’Orleans. The Duchesse de Saint-Simon died (Oct 7, 1725) aged seventy-nine.

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    Margeurite Colbert was married firstly (1701) to Louis de Clermont d’ Amboise, Marquis de Reynel, and secondly (1704) to Francois Marie Spinola, Duc de St Pierre. She attended the court of Louis XIV and the Regency court of Philippe II d’ Orleans, and was a patron of Francois Arouet Voltaire.

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    E ‘E’ see Fullerton, Mary Eliza Eadburga (Eadburh) – (c770 – c830) Anglo-Saxon queen Eadburga was the eldest daughter of Offa II, King of Mercia, and his wife Cynethryth, and was married (787) to King Beorhtric of Wessex, who had sent an embassy to her father’s court to solicit her hand.

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