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    Louis II, Duke Of Brieg - Life... Little is known about Louis II's first years ... later (October 1400) they decided to make a formal division of their domains Louis II retained Brieg and Henry IX took Lubin (Lüben), Chojnów (Haynau) and Oława (Ohlau) ... each other and the other Dukes a defensive alliance and paid homage to King Wenceslaus IV ...

  2. Henry VII of Brzeg - Wikipedia

    The reason for this decision was the policy of Louis I the Fair, who didn't want to make further divisions of the already small Duchy of Brzeg. Instead, since 1360 or 1361 Henry VII was named by his father as co-regent, but without any formal power.

    • 1343/45
    • Agnes of Głogów-Żagań
  3. Mary of Burgundy - Wikipedia

    Burgundy, fearing French military power, sent an embassy to France to negotiate a marriage between Mary and the six-year-old Dauphin (later King Charles VIII), but returned home without a betrothal; the French king's demands of cession of territories to the French crown were deemed unacceptable.

  4. GEDBAS: Louis I 'the Fair' Piast (Duke) of (Brzeg) BRIEG

    Louis I 'the Fair' Piast (Duke) of (Brzeg) BRIEG: Name Ludwik I 'the Fair' Piast (Duke) of (Brzeg) BRIEG: Beruf Duke of Legnica (Liegnitz) zu einem Zeitpunkt zwischen 1342 und 1346: Beruf Duke of Brzeg (Brieg) zu einem Zeitpunkt zwischen 1368 und 1398

  5. Louis XII of France : definition of Louis XII of France and ... XII of France/en-en

    Louis XII of France Louis XII (27 June 1462 – 1 January 1515), called "the Father of the People" (French: Le Père du Peuple), was king of France and the sole monarch from the Valois-Orléans branch of the House of Valois. He reigned from 1498 to 1515 and pursued a very active foreign policy.

  6. Mary of Burgundy Early years, Heiress presumptive, Reign ...

    The first proposal was received by her father when she was only five years old, in this case to marry the future King Ferdinand II of Aragon. Later she was approached by Charles, Duke of Berry ; his older brother, King Louis XI of France, was intensely annoyed by Charles's move and attempted to prevent the necessary papal dispensation for ...

  7. Peter II, Duke of Bourbon - Wikipedia

    Peter II, Duke of Bourbon (1 December 1438 – 10 October 1503 in Moulins), was the son of Charles I, Duke of Bourbon, and Agnes of Burgundy, and a member of the House of Bourbon. He and his wife Anne of France ruled as regents during the minority of Charles VIII of France .

  8. Vladislaus II of Hungary - Wikipedia

    Roman Catholic. Vladislaus II, also known as Vladislav, Władysław or Wladislas (1 March 1456 – 13 March 1516; Hungarian: II. Ulászló ), was King of Bohemia from 1471 to 1516, and King of Hungary and Croatia from 1490 to 1516. As the eldest son of Casimir IV Jagiellon, he was expected to inherit Poland and Lithuania.

  9. Margaret of Nevers - Wikipedia

    Early life. Born in late 1393, Margaret was the eldest child and the first of six daughters of John the Fearless and Margaret of Bavaria.Her father was, at the time, Count of Nevers and heir apparent to the Duchy of Burgundy ruled by his father, Philip the Bold.

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