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    Louis III (863/65 – 5 August 882) was the king of West Francia from 879 until his death in 882. The eldest son of king Louis II and his first wife Ansgarde of Burgundy, he succeeded his father and ruled jointly with his younger brother Carloman II, who became sole ruler after Louis's death. Louis's short reign was marked by military success.

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    Louis III, (born 863—died Aug. 5, 882, Saint-Denis, Fr.), king of France (i.e., Francia Occidentalis, the West Frankish kingdom) from 879 to 882, whose decisive victory over the Northmen in August 881, at Saucourt, Ponthieu, briefly stemmed the incursions of the Scandinavian invaders into northern France.

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    Louis III (863/65 – 5 August 882) was the King of France, still then called West Francia, from 879 until his death. The second son of Louis the Stammerer and his first wife, Ansgarde, he succeeded his father to reign jointly with his younger brother Carloman II, who became sole ruler on Louis's death.

  4. Louis III, king of Western Francia -

    Jul 29, 2020 · Louis III, King of France, was a son of Louis II and with his brother Carloman succeeded his father as king in April 879.

  5. Louis XIII - King, Facts & Life - Biography

    Sep 08, 2020 · Napoleon III, the nephew of Napoleon I, was emperor of France from 1852 to 1870. His downfall came during the Franco-Prussian War, when his efforts to defeat Otto Von Bismarck ended in his capture...

    • September 27, 1601
    • May 14, 1643
  6. Timeline of the Rulers of France From 840 Until 2017
    • Later Carolingian Transition. Although the royal numbering starts with Louis, he was not a king of France but the heir to an empire which covered much of central Europe.
    • Capetian Dynasty. Hugh Capet is generally considered the first king of France but it took him and his descendants to fight and expand, and fight and survive, to begin to turn a small kingdom into great France.
    • Valois Dynasty. The Valois dynasty would fight the Hundred Years War with England and, at times, looked like they were losing their thrones, and then found themselves facing religious division.
    • Bourbon Dynasty. The Bourbon kings of France included the absolute apogee of a European monarch, the Sun King Louis XIV, and just two people later, the king who would be beheaded by a revolution.
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    At the time of Luynes’s death (December 1621) Louis was faced with a Huguenot rebellion in southern France. He took to the field in the spring of 1622 and captured several Huguenot strongholds before concluding a truce with the insurgents in October.

  8. Louis the Stammerer - Wikipedia

    Louis the Stammerer was physically weak and outlived his father by a year and a half. He succeeded his younger brother Charles the Child as the ruler of Aquitaine in 866 and his father in West Francia in 877, but he was never crowned emperor .

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    • Son of Louis VIII King of France (Roi de France) Philip III the Bold (Philippe III le Hardi) 25 August 1270: 5 October 1285 • Son of Louis IX King of France (Roi de France) Philip IV the Fair (Philippe IV le Bel) 5 October 1285: 29 November 1314 • Son of Philip III King of France and of Navarre (Roi de France et de Navarre) Louis X the ...

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