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  1. Love in general (including non-romantic love) Family Tropes: Tropes about the affection and bonds between people who are related to each other by blood or marriage. Friendship Tropes: Tropes about the affection and bonds between people who just simply enjoy each other's company. Hug Tropes: Embracement is a common way for any people who really ...

  2. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, has former 15th squad commander and notorious player, Charles de Etouard, falling madly in love with Ace Pilot Mary Angel. Tekkaman Blade II has David Kruegel, a known player who's in love with a woman he can never have: Aki Kisaragi, Takaya/D-Boy's girlfriend.

  3. In "You And I Will Fall In Love", a Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic, this is the only reason that Russia wants to fall in love with America at first.; This is actually the cause of much tension between Lyra and Bonbon in the Reading Rainbowverse.

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  5. If Love Across Battlelines is combined with Troubled Sympathetic Bigot, also compare Sex Is Evil, and I Am Horny as well as Love Redeems. If the lover is an antagonist rather than a citizen/relative/whatever of the enemy nation/family/whatever, see instead Dating Catwoman if she remain a villain and Defecting for Love if she makes a Heel–Face ...

  6. Interestingly, this isn't the first time Ned Leeds got an Asian Race Lift. Crack Ship: In-Universe, Peter has no idea what to make of Ned’s sudden romance with Betty. Eagleland: He’s under the impression that Europeans love American visitors, and that he’d be able to re-invent himself as a ladies’ man during his two weeks in Europe.

  7. › programmes › love-in-leedsLove in Leeds - All 4

    Love in Leeds. Episode 1. A six-part documentary that follows a group of single women trying to find love in this vibrant city. The first episode features single mums Lisa and Tracie, who compare ...

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