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    Jul 23, 2020 · The Marquis Ludovico III Gonzaga of Mantua had for some time been pressing Mantegna to enter his service; and the following year, 1460 Mantegna was appointed court artist, He resided at first from time to time at Goito, but, from December 1466 onwards, he moved with his family to Mantua, His engagement was for a salary of 75 lire a month, a sum ...

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    "Our visual relationships with architectural propositions are highly mediated by representations, and the image-technologies used to construct them. The context in which these propositions are explored and tested is conceptually framed by

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    a satellite of Sforza Milan, continued to be ruled by the Gonzaga family, most notable of whom was the highly cultivated condottiere Ludovico Gonzaga (marquis, 1444–78); Ferrara, since 1471 a papal dukedom, was still ruled by the d’Este, as were Reggio and – an imperial dukedom – Modena; Federico di Montefeltro of Urbino likewise became ...

  4. Selling & Collecting: Printed Book Sale Catalogues and Private Libraries in Early Modern Europe, edited by Giovanna Granata, Angela Nuovo. Macerata: eum, 2018, 2018

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    The pope (papa from πάππας pappas, a child's word for "father"), also known as the supreme pontiff (from Latin pontifex maximus "greatest priest"), is the Bishop of Rome and therefore ex officio the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. 5676 relations.

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    The Hospitallers, the Mediterranean and Europe letter were the reason why the Hospitallers had the letter renewed by Innocent V, who expressly states in his new letter of grace that two phrases concerning the congrua portio to be assigned to the vicar had been omitted from Clement’s letter.16 Innocent confirmed the letter of his predecessor ...

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    Isabella d’Este, marchioness of Mantua, now fill half a shelf by themselves.17 Other women acted as patrons at one remove, recommending artists and writers to male relatives.18 The court of Urbino, the setting for Castiglione’s famous dialogue on the courtier, has been studied from a feminist or, at any rate, from a female point of view ...

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    Franziskus,” in: fs 20 (1933), 1–33, 21 (1934), 134–179; A. Matanić, “Papa Innocenzo iii di fronte a San Domenico e San Francesco,” Antonianum 35 (1960) 508–527; M. Maccarone ...

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    wordnet_spiritual_leader_109505153 # training instances: 27451 # testing instances: 3889 # true positives: 3625 # false positives: 350 # false negatives: 264 precision: 0.9119496855345912

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