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  1. Ludwig van Beethoven (baptised 17 December 1770 – 26 March 1827) was a German composer and pianist. Beethoven remains one of the most admired composers in the history of Western music; his works rank among the most performed of the classical music repertoire and span the transition from the Classical period to the Romantic era in classical music.

  2. Apr 25, 2023 · Ludwig van Beethoven, (baptized December 17, 1770, Bonn, archbishopric of Cologne [Germany]—died March 26, 1827, Vienna, Austria), German composer, the predominant musical figure in the transitional period between the Classical and Romantic eras.

  3. Apr 3, 2014 · Ludwig van Beethoven was a German pianist and composer widely considered to be one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. His innovative compositions combined vocals and instruments,...

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  5. Ludwig van Beethoven, (baptized Dec. 17, 1770, Bonn, archbishopric of Cologne—died March 26, 1827, Vienna, Austria), German composer. Born to a musical family, he was a precociously gifted pianist and violist. After nine years as a court musician in Bonn, he moved to Vienna to study with Joseph Haydn and remained there for the rest of his life.

  6. Apr 30, 2021 · Beethoven—a genius composer but perhaps not a great judge of concert programming—felt the evening would need a big, happy finish, so he tacked on his brand-new Choral Fantasy for orchestra, chorus, and solo piano, with himself at the keyboard. A disaster: The piece derails midway through.

  7. Dec 17, 2020 · Ludwig van Beethoven charted a powerful new course in music. His ideas may have been rooted in the work of European predecessors Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Josef Haydn, but the iconic German...

  8. Bonn, Germany. Died: March 26, 1827. Vienna, Austria. German composer. German composer Ludwig van Beethoven is considered one of the most important figures in the history of music. He continued to compose even while losing his hearing and created some of his greatest works after becoming totally deaf.

  9. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) was a German composer and pianist, who is arguably the defining figure in the history of Western music. Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in December 1770, but no-one is completely sure on which date.

  10. Ludwig van Beethoven (Bonn, 15, 16 of 17 december 1770 – Wenen, 26 maart 1827) was een Duitse componist, musicus, virtuoos en dirigent. Zijn stijl sluit in zijn vroege periode direct aan op die van Mozart en Haydn, met wie hij tot de Eerste Weense School wordt gerekend.

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