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  1. Knowing what a lump sum contract is, also known as a fixed-price contract, is important for a contractor. The contract states one lump-sum price for all the work and the contractor agrees to finish the project under the set cost that's listed in the contract.

  2. A lump sum contract in construction is one type of construction contract, sometimes referred to as stipulated-sum, where a single price is quoted for an entire project based on plans and specifications and covers the entire project and the owner knows exactly how much the work will cost in advance. [1] This type of contract requires a full and ...

  3. Dec 27, 2022 · A lump sum contract, also known as a stipulated sum contract, is a document that details the fixed costs for a construction project. This type of contract can help project owners and managers define the scope and expectations of a construction project and the budget for the final invoice.

  4. Lump sum contracts are one of the three most common contracts used in the construction industry. They’re simple, straightforward, and offer benefits to both the contractor and owner. But they’re not without their disadvantages. Read on to learn more about: When to use a lump sum contract. The difference between a fixed price and lump sum ...

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    Jan 13, 2023 · Inside Lump Sum Contracts. By Lynn Pearcey, MBA, Copywriter, AIA Contract Documents. January 13, 2023. Under a Lump Sum Contract, contractors agree to perform construction services for a set price. Unlike other contracts where expenses are itemized, a lump sum contract focuses solely on the total cost of the build.

  6. Jan 19, 2022 · A lump sum contract is a construction agreement wherein a contractor agrees to complete a project for a set price. The lump sum is simply a single fee paid for completing the entire project as specified in the construction project. In simplest terms: John agrees to pay Mary a lump sum fee of $8,000 to build him a back deck.

  7. May 18, 2021 · A unit price contract can be used for all or part of a project. In a lump sum contract, a company and customer agree on a predetermined price for an entire project. This type of contract is typically used for well-defined, small-scale projects in which changes are rare. Cash flow is easier to predict in a lump sum contract.

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