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  1. Luxembourg (official name is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Luxembourgish: Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg, French: Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, German: Großherzogtum Luxemburg) is a landlocked country in Western Europe.

  2. History of Luxembourg, a survey of the important events and people in the history of Luxembourg from ancient times to the present. The earliest human remains found in present-day Luxembourg date from about 5140 bce, but little is known about the people who first populated the area.

  3. Nov 30, 2023 · Luxembourg, landlocked country in northwestern Europe. One of the world’s smallest countries, it is bordered by Belgium on the west and north, France on the south, and Germany on the northeast and east.

  4. Le Luxembourg est le plus petit membre fondateur de l'Union européenne, de la zone euro, de l'Organisation du traité de l'Atlantique nord (OTAN), de l'Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques (OCDE), de l'Organisation des Nations unies (ONU), de l'Organisation pour la sécurité et la coopération en Europe (OSCE) et du ...

  5. It was in personal union with the United Kingdom of the Netherlands until 1890 under the House of Orange-Nassau. Luxembourg is the world's only sovereign Grand Duchy and since 1815, there have been nine monarchs, including the incumbent, Henri . constitution of Luxembourg.

  6. The labour productivity level of Luxembourg is one of the highest in Europe. OECD, 2012. The economy of Luxembourg is largely dependent on the banking, steel, and industrial sectors. Citizens of Luxembourg enjoy the second highest per capita gross domestic product in the world, according to an IMF estimate in 2022. [20]

  7. Nov 20, 2023 · Provides an overview of Luxembourg, including key dates and facts about this west European country.

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