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    • Part 2 of 3: Giving Your Dog Antibiotics

      How to Treat Lyme Disease in Dogs: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
      • Use doxycycline as a prescribed antibiotic treatment. For many vets, doxycycline is the first-choice antibiotic for canine Lyme disease.
      • Give your dog oxytetracycline if it’s prescribed instead. This is an effective antibiotic alternative to doxycycline for canine Lyme disease.
      • Give younger dogs potentiated amoxicillin. ...
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  2. Lyme Disease in Dogs: Symptoms, Testing, Treatment, and ... › health › lyme-disease-in-dogs

    May 15, 2020 · Keep grass mowed as short as possible. Refrain from walking into grassy patches in endemic tick areas if you can. Get your dog vaccinated. Vaccination could prevent your dog from getting Lyme disease. They may not be appropriate for...

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  3. How to Treat Lyme Disease in Dogs: 14 Steps (with Pictures) › Treat-Lyme-Disease-in-Dogs

    Apr 10, 2021 · Discussing Symptoms and Treatments with Your Vet 1. Monitor your dog if you find a tick that may have been attached for days. Lyme disease is caused in nearly every... 2. Report possible symptoms of canine Lyme disease to your vet. Most dogs who get Lyme disease never show symptoms, and... 3. Agree ...

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    For dogs with Lyme nephritis, treatment is aimed at preserving quality of life, improving azotemia, minimizing clinical signs and adverse effects, minimizing proteinuria, and treating hypertension and hypercoagulable states. Treatment should focus specifically on the following:

  5. Tick control can include a product that repels or protects against tick attachment, thereby helping to prevent transmission of coinfections as well as Borrelia spp. Seropositive dogs with clinical abnormalities thought to arise from Lyme disease generally are treated with doxycycline (10 mg/kg q24h for 1 month).

    • Meryl P. Littman, Richard E. Goldstein, Mary A. Labato, Michael R. Lappin, George E. Moore
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    • 2006
  6. Lyme Disease in Dogs | VCA Animal Hospital › know-your-pet › lyme-disease-in-dogs

    Because the Lyme spirochete is a bacterium, it can be treated with antibiotics. The antibiotic of choice is doxycycline, followed by amoxicillin, then azithromycin. Treatment lasts for 4 weeks. Occasionally, the initial infection will recur, or the pet will become re-infected by being bitten by another infected tick.

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