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  1. Does Your Dog Need a Lyme Vaccine? | PetMD › does-your-dog-need-lyme-vaccine
    • What Does the Lyme Vaccine Do? The Lyme vaccine helps to prevent Lyme disease in dogs, a bacterial infection that’s transmitted by blacklegged (aka deer or Ixodes) ticks that tend to live in woods and tall grasses in many parts of the country.
    • Which Dogs Are More at Risk for Lyme Disease? So, what makes for heavy exposure? Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether to get the Lyme vaccine for your pet
    • Why You Should Still Use Flea and Tick Prevention. Although getting your dog a Lyme vaccination might reduce the risk, it’s not the all-in-one cure. You still need to keep your dog on flea and tick medication.
    • OTC vs. Prescription Flea and Tick Medicine. So, what constitutes good tick control? A product recommended by your vet, says Dr. Mengel, who also practices at the University of Pennsylvania’s M. J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital.
  2. Nobivac® Lyme Vaccine | Merck Animal Health USA › nobivac › nobivac

    Lyme vaccine designed to target the 2 key outer surface proteins (Osps) involved in disease transmission for a full level of protection Proven to induce borreliacidal antibodies that bind to OspA and OspC, forming a complex that attacks the cell membrane and kills Borrelia burgdorferi 1,5

  3. Is it a good idea for dogs to get the canine Lyme vaccine ... › articles › dogs-canine-lyme-vaccine

    Jun 19, 2012 · You ask about the benefits of the canine vaccine against Lyme disease. That is a great question. Unfortunately, veterinarians do not have a complete answer when it comes to the vaccine’s effectiveness. Some research suggests that vaccination appears to be fairly good in preventing infection in dogs not previously exposed to the Lyme organism.

  4. Vaccinating Dogs Against Lyme Disease: Two Points of View › vaccinating-dogs

    All canine Lyme disease vaccines contain outer surface protein A (OspA), which attaches the spirochete to the tick’s midgut and is expressed on Borrelia burgdorferi while in the tick, and induces anti-OspA antibodies.

  5. Dec 21, 2018 · Vaccines are not available for most of the tickborne diseases that dogs can get, and they don’t keep the dogs from bringing ticks into your home. For these reasons, it’s important to use a tick preventive product on your dog.

  6. 3 Reasons To Avoid The Lyme Disease Vaccine For Dogs | Dogs ... › lyme-vaccine-dogs
    • The Lyme Vaccine Can Cause Lyme Disease Symptoms. Holistic vet Dr Patricia Jordan urges pet owners to avoid the Lyme vaccine for their dogs. She claims the Lyme vaccine is more dangerous than Lyme disease
    • The Lyme Vaccine Contains Dangerous Ingredients. Kidney disease isn’t the only risk that comes with the Lyme vaccine. Vaccines carry harmful chemicals and heavy metals like
    • Most Dogs Don’t Get Lyme Disease Symptoms … Even When They Have Lyme Disease. In 2006, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania infected beagles with Lyme disease.
  7. Side Effects of Lyme Disease Vaccine for Dogs | Canna-Pet® › side-effects-of-lyme-disease

    Dec 24, 2018 · Lyme vaccine Yes, the Lyme vaccine is in the top 8 vaccines (lower half “non-core”) recommended by a trusted task force that has the purpose of sharing vaccination recommendations in both the United States and in Canada. The Potential Dog Lyme Disease Vaccine Side Effects

  8. Lyme Disease in Dogs | VCA Animal Hospital › know-your-pet › lyme-disease-in-dogs

    A safe and generally effective vaccine is available for protecting dogs against Lyme disease. This vaccine is initially given twice, at two- to four-week intervals. "Annual revaccination is necessary to maintain immunity." Annual revaccination is necessary to maintain immunity.

  9. Dog Vaccinations: What Vacinations Does Your Dog Need? › expert-advice › health

    May 30, 2019 · Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease): Dogs living in or traveling into Lyme-disease-endemic areas are at increased risk for exposure and infection.The ticks that carry Lyme disease are especially ...

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